7 hacks how to use the internet when writing your research paper


It is hard to imagine writing a research paper without the Internet at all. There are legends that our ancestors made pilgrimages to the places of great knowledge called “libraries.” However, in the modern world people usually use the Internet to get the information they need.

We are sure that you know all the 7 of the ways to use the Internet while writing your papers. But we tried to find some non-conventional ways to do it.

  1. Wikipedia

Wikipedia is one of the most visited sites in all the internet. During the exam season the number of visits almost doubles. But what else can we get from Wiki except for the sheer information?

The first and foremost thing we must say you: never copy and paste text directly from the Wiki. Not only is it the most visited site, but it’s also the source #1 in all the plagiarism checkers. Also, the teachers have seen the text from the Wiki in research papers for so many times that they can immediately recognize it.

The second and most useful thing (except the data, of course) is the list of sources mentioned below each article. If you need, say, 50 sources in your research. But you have only 30 actual papers to mention – you may use the list from Wiki article. They are verified by the community. And, the links are already structured in the way you need to put them into your paper.

  1. SEO Checkers

Usually used by copywriters, SEO checkers show the uniqueness of your text. Unlike common plagiarism checkers, they also show how many times some phrases are used on the Internet. The thing is that you can accidentally write so many cliches in your text that plagiarism checker can recognize duplication. This happens rarely, but you may spend 5 minutes in the free online tools. They are available on different websites like paperap.com,  to see the uniqueness and useful information / extra words ratio.

  1. Pubmed

The biggest site of scientific publications on the Internet, Pubmed provides you access to the widest variety of papers written by scientists worldwide. You may instantly check the paper’s credibility, the number of quotations, and other parameters that you may use to evaluate it. Also, Pubmed articles are considered reliable by most teachers. Also, you may get extra credits for using such a source – and found not the most popular, but still good research that fits your own work as a source.

  1. Online graph and presentation makers

Sometimes you just don’t have time to process endless figures and put them into charts and diagrams. Luckily, there are online web apps that do it for you. You may simply copy and paste your figures into them and get a neat diagram or a table ready to be pasted in your work. Usually, the interface of such apps is incredibly user-friendly and created especially for minimizing the number of clicks.

  1. Online translation programs

The most famous translation programs are Google Translate and Reverso Context. The first one can translate text right from the web pages or paste into it, the second can show you the meaning of the word in a particular context. Both are very useful when you need to read the paper on foreign language – there are lots of cases when the best sources weren’t translated into English

  1. Google Docs

Word processors that are available on each and every device were the dream of our parents. Google Docs gives us this opportunity. No more running with flash drives and losing them right before the due date. Now your research paper will be ready always, no matter what device you are using to work with it – even if you are editing something on your smartphone on a bus ride.

  1. Quora

If Wiki is a ready-made answer, Quora, Stackoverflow, and other question-answer services may provide you information about something absent even in Wikipedia. You may ask a question there and wait for the experts to come and answer it. Unfortunately, some people are answering questions they don’t have a clue about – but still, if you have some time, you will find something really useful from the competent people.

Of course, these seven ways of clever use of the Internet are only an insignificant part of all Net power. But the rest is up to you to discover. We believe that no matter how you use the Internet to your benefit, you will write an outstanding research paper!