6 Reasons Why Call Centre Quality Assurance Is important for Businesses


For many reasons, call centre quality assurance is important for businesses. However, although important, your team must understand the company’s objectives to attain the standard applicable in your management criteria.

Comprehensible objectives can enhance contact centre quality assurance for an excellent QA process. If the objective is obscure, it is challenging for agents to be consistent when representing the business.

Meanwhile, a dependable call centre quality assurance software is pivotal; it builds the team to unleash their potentials in the call centre. The growth of the call centre is unquestionable, and This Is Money reports that British call centres now employ 1.3 million workers (4 per cent of UK workforce equivalent). Considering the high demands, below are the reasons why call centre quality assurance is important for businesses:

Tracking Remote Workers

Contemporary businesses feature tons of remote call centres. Even with a central call centre, your company houses remote agents that rely on cloud technology. Thus, quality assurance becomes essential in monitoring remote situations.

Moreover, QA helps to determine when the company’s remote agents are equipped with tracking apps, effective workspace, and collaboration tools for enhanced productivity.

Remote quality assurance is effective in all ramifications of a business; apart from monitoring remote agents, it helps to adjust when necessary.

Identify Relevant Business Aspects

When your company understands their objective, it is easier to establish the steps to achieve them. And you can further assess the possibility of attaining the goal, and even the timeframe.

After identifying the relevant aspects, QA software informs you of the progress, and possible amendments to enhance the flow. Understand that only measurable data allows you to explore objectives. It delivers the needed information on particular agent behaviour, and what could be done to correct or maintain. Furthermore, measurability informs call agents.

By monitoring thoughtfully picked KPIs, you encourage agent behaviours that affirm your objectives towards excellent customer satisfaction. It also discourages unwanted attitudes that work against the growth of the company.

Ensuring Customer-Centric Performance

A business revolves around the customer; however, we do not count off the employee. The idea is that customer satisfaction is as important as edging competitors.

You can distribute customer surveys before or during QA implementation. The feedback you gather helps to measure performance and monitor progress that helps to serve customers better.

You can question the customers after an interaction or send pools to them via email. Ensure to keep it engaging and simple to complete; otherwise, it puts respondents off.

Many businesses incorporate customer feedback into their services, and it spurs the reputation of the company significantly. When you fail to question customers reaching out to call agents, it is impossible to tell how they expect to be served better.

Improved Call Centre Quality Metrics

Contact centre quality assurance software monitors agents and performances strictly, and the compiled data improve call centre quality metrics significantly.

In this regard, by not measuring, improvement is evitable. Thus, it is crucial to measure call centre quality assurance with reliable software. Over time, the key metrics you track will boost service performance, and encourage agents to play outside the scripts when necessary.

Regulatory Compliance

Organisations tend to overlook the importance of QA in managing regulatory compliance. considering the evolution inherent in this contemporary age, regulations are being fortified to protect the public, typically consumers and employees.

Data security and privacy are also the focus areas, which your company must follow the standards to evade punishment. For instance, the EU’s GDPR request consenting with customers to use their information. Also, PCI compliance means adhering to the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) regulated by the Payment Card Industry Security Standard Council.

A mere agent request for a credit card number can attract hefty fines, and ruin a company’s reputation. Thus, it is vital to implement a call centre quality assurance program to checkmate and identify regulatory lapses. Moreover, the system can help to prove compliance during investigations.

Retain Customers

QA software is designed to retain your customers; it ensures call reliability, which boosts customer satisfaction. When customers face challenges, they believe that by contacting your call representative, it will be resolved.

Considering the contents of a typical modern call centre quality assurance software, customers find it even easier to interact with agents. Even without clarity in a customer’s complaint, agents can decipher the problem, recommend or enforce solutions.

In this manner, agent performance is measurable; by gathering customer feedback, your organization realizes solid demands from people.

Meanwhile, personalized approaches engage and assure customers of their high value. Endeavor to pull data from both poor and excellent calls to equip agents for better interactions.

Attributes of a Good Call Centre Analyst

Despite the critical functionalities of call centre QA, it takes an effective quality analyst for it to be pivotal. Besides, the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) reputation depends on the quality of service sought for continuous improvement.

Attributes of a good call centre analyst include the following:

  • Attentiveness to thoroughness and detail
  • Excellent verbal communication
  • Reliable technical comprehension and analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Customer care and satisfying interpersonal skills
  • Ability to decipher unclear complaints

The importance of call center quality assurance can be overemphasized or exaggerated. The relevance is apparent, and many businesses have incorporated call centre QA for excellent customer-company interactions.


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