6 Best Portable Bluetooth Speakers Under 60 Dollars In 2020


Wireless and portable Bluetooth speakers are the new norm when it comes to streaming and listening to your favorite music anytime and anywhere. Music can be accessed through various devices that enable Bluetooth. Thanks to portable and wireless speakers, you don’t need to plug a headset to enjoy your favorite music.

With the massive selection in the market right now, how do you choose the best one? What specifications to look for, and which model unit should you purchase that’s affordable yet offers excellent volume, durability, and superior quality?

Here’s a complete guide for you to find the best portable wireless speaker and our top-rated recommendations based on an unbiased expert review, customer feedback, and top-selling device in the marketplace right now.

How To Find Affordable Yet High-Quality Portable Wireless Speakers

Portable Bluetooth speakers are connected to a Bluetooth-enabling device and allow you to play your music from the source to your speaker. Some devices offer auxiliary input as an alternative. The device contains an amplifier, Bluetooth connection, battery, and speaker.

To help you find the perfect device suitable for your need, you need to determine a few essential factors. It includes the frequency of use, preference for sound, size, budget, and where would you mostly use it—home or outdoors.

With the massive selection of devices available based on price range, manufacture, and latest technology used, searching for the right wireless speaker is easier. For instance, speakerdaily’s $100 bluetooth speakers provide top-rated Bluetooth speaker selection that is affordable and guaranteed high-quality. This comprehensive guide will also help you determine the essential features you need to consider when buying a portable speaker.

  • Aesthetic

Find the custom that resembles your personality and current budget. With various selections, you certainly can find the best deal without compromising quality and its efficiency.

  • Audio Quality

Check speaker specification to determine the quality of audio your speaker will provide. Check total harmonic distortion, frequency response, and bass level.

  • Battery Life

It’s vital to check the operational length that each wireless speaker offers as it’s the critical parameter everyone needs to consider, or you’ll not enjoy your music streaming.

  • Audio Power

While this is overlooked, you need to check specified audio power via watts to learn speaker efficiency.

  • Size

Large-size speakers tend to provide better sound and operational life last longer. However, the size varies for individual preference and style requirements.

  • Bluetooth Version

The Bluetooth version continues to evolve as more devices are offered in the market every year. Anything that goes higher than the 2.1 version offers advanced features to enhance music streaming.

  • Waterproof

With the convenience that they offer, you need to determine the frequency and condition of the area if you’re most likely to spend your day listening to music at the poolside or beach, best to check for a water-resistant device.

  • Multiple Speaker Connection

Several Bluetooth speakers allow additional speaker connectivity if this is one of your likes, best to check for speakers that offer this functionality.

  • Speakerphone Capability

Check speakerphone functions with your speaker to avoid broadcasting your conversation with everyone while listening to music on the side of the pool or beach.

  • NFC

Near field communication speakers allow you to connect two devices easily by bypass settings to start the music. While most iPhones are NFC compatible, it’s best to use this feature with an android OS, but surely, connecting with Bluetooth is super easy.

  • Wired Inputs

Older device versions are not Bluetooth capable but come with jack compatibility. You can check with the unit you plan to purchase if it has wired inputs available.

Top-Rated Handy Bluetooth Speakers Of 2020

When you identify what features you want on your portable wireless speaker, it’s time to check for the best recommendations and top-rated products at affordable pricing. We’ve gathered the best selections to meet your needs. That way, you won’t have to check multiple websites as we know how valuable your time is. Here are the 6 best portable wireless speakers ideal for home, outdoor, pool, and travel needs.

1.    JBL Clip 3

For a small speaker, this unit offers good sound quality and complete portability. With the durable carabiner clip, you can instantly hook it anywhere—shower rods, bike handles, belt loops, etc., it’s up to you where to take this small yet powerful device on your next adventure.

2.    Tribit XSound Go

When it comes to affordability, great features, and excellent sound, no wonder it’s been a popular choice for many and continues to gain fame.

3.    Anker Soundcore Flare Mini

When it comes to high-end sound, excellent aesthetics, and a speaker that surely boosts your music streaming, Anker knows where to begin and how to provide your needs. This device also comes with a rhythmic-LED flashing and waterproof design.

4.    Sony SRS-XB01 Portable Speaker

Sony is a reliable manufacturer of high-end devices that offer outstanding music performance at a great deal. With its 6-hour battery life, staying outdoors and having the right music to chill is easy.

5.    JBL Clip 2

JBL is another trusted manufacturer of high-end speakers that comes in various styles and colors to meet individual preferences and styles. It’s round, water-resistant, and has that large metal clip that offers total portability.

6.    Anker Soundcore Motion Q

Whether you are into podcasts or music streaming, you would prefer to hear it 360° surrounding you. It’s the most excellent wireless speakerphone to meet your preference at an affordable price.


With these selections of portable wireless speakers, you can take your favorite sound anytime and anywhere. Check the right features, identify your budget, and you’re set to find the best deals with high-end audio quality.


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