6 Apps to Help You Thrive If you are Busy


A variety of smart assistants has become an integral part of our lives. Today, no one is surprised by a smartphone or tablet since such gadgets are widely available. Although gadgets are associated with entertainment, with their help, you can simplify the learning process!

As soon as school children become students, the intensity of life increases several times. The head of every student is daily packed with a million tasks and thoughts. Everywhere you need to be on time, everything you need to remember and much to learn.

In this case, mobile applications will become reliable and loyal helpers for the student. The devices will prompt the class schedule, help to find the information, correct grammatical mistakes, and even help not to oversleep before the start of the lectures. For all this, there are many applications. Therefore, we have prepared a list of applications that will be obviously useful to you.

iStudiez Pro: Everything Is Planned and Not Forgotten!

This application is just a must for both schoolchildren and students. In essence, this is your task scheduler. In this online organizer, you can make a schedule of your classes and other necessary tasks. An important advantage of the application is that it can notify you that it’s time to start the execution of the task.

It is worth noting that from the first minutes of use you’ll make sure that the application is designed with the specifics of planning tasks for study. Moreover, there is nothing superfluous in the application, and you will use all functions regularly.

The Oxford Dictionary: Enrich Your Language

Do you want to enrich your speech and understand scientific terminology? Then this application is simply indispensable! Do not confuse this dictionary with dictionaries that have translation functions. It does not translate words into any other language. Here you will find only the formal and scientific definition of thousands of words.

Grammarly: No More Mistakes

It often happens that our eyes do not notice elementary mistakes, but it is difficult to hide them from the eyes of a professor. Test yourself with an app like Grammarly!

Grammarly is just a terrific spelling verification service. It can penetrate the context of your sentences and catch even the subtlest mistakes. The first thing you can pay attention to is that Grammarly measures your active vocabulary. Moreover, the application will analyze your individual mistakes, and on the application website, you will be able to read about how to avoid them. In addition, you still have the opportunity to get professional essay writing and proofreading services on CustomWritings.com.

Duolingo: Learn a Foreign Language and Play

Duolingo is an online service with which you can learn foreign languages ​​in a game form. Training takes place in a completely free website version, and in applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.

The curriculum is divided into lessons, which are distributed in order of complexity and, after the initial level, are devoted to individual topics. Each lesson contains exercises of different types for translation, reading, writing, and listening to learn grammar rules or new vocabulary in the context of live speech. At any stage, training is available to consolidate the acquired knowledge. To follow the regularity of classes, you can set a daily goal, and set up reminders to email.

StudyBlue: Preparation for Tests Has Become Easier

During the studies, many students compose for themselves special cards with questions and answers, according to which they prepare for tests. Flashcards are considered a very effective way to memorize complex information.

However, doing such cards is time-consuming, and it can be done online. With the StudyBlue app, you can use text, audio, and video effects to create the perfect self-learning cards. In addition, in this application, it is possible to search for topics and borrow a suitable set of ready-made flashcards.

Alarmy: Wake up with the First Signal

Is a common alarm unable to interrupt your sweet dream? If this is about you, it’s time to try the “heavy artillery” in the face of the application Alarmy. What is the trick? As a minimum, a certain photo must be taken to turn off the alarm. Therefore, you need to choose a place or thing in the house and take a picture of it before going to bed.

In the morning, the application will launch a hateful signal, and it is possible to turn it off only after you make an identical photo using the template that you put on the day before. Thus, you will have to leave the bed to disable the insistent alarm quickly, and there will be no way back.


It is possible to safely say that the applications provide indispensable assistance to the modern student, which has a lot of capabilities and greatly facilitates the performance of everyday tasks. It is only necessary to change the perception and the attitude to gadgets. Your smartphone and tablet are powerful work tools that increase the efficiency of learning.