5 Programs to Brighten Your Day During Quarantine


April of 2020 has greeted us with quarantine – we are all cooped up inside hoping for this to be over soon. The virus has suddenly changed our lives, our state of mind and our habits. In this worrying and difficult times, it might be a good idea to redirect your thoughts and concerns into creative work. In addition, a new skill always looks great on your resume and you will have so much fun along the line. Check out AMS Software website  https://ams-photo-software.com, where you will find great programs to boost your creativity. Edit photos, create fun videos and slideshows, and make great collages and helpful calendars with these five top programs.

1.    SmartSHOW 3D

Do you have old wedding photos on your PC? Or maybe photos from your birthday or graduation? There is a great way to compile these memories in a slideshow, and create a perfect memory for you and your family to cherish for years to come.

For example, make a birthday slideshow with the best pictures and videos from that day, along with a happy birthday song. Upload the best photos to the program and check out the animation and transition options this program has to offer. Afterward all you need to do is choose a perfect tune to finish up your work and you are ready to share it with the world.

Take your time and choose the best song for your video: if your slideshow is warm and sentimental, then go for a slow-paced tune, like R&B or jazz, if your video is fun and dynamic, choose a fast-paced tune, maybe rock or pop-rock. Finally, save your movie to your computer for a later use or upload it to your social media account to share it with the world.

Small tip: you can record your own voice and leave some comments or congratulatory words to make your work even more personal.

2.    PhotoWorks

Do you have old photos, that you cherish and love, even though the quality leaves much to be desired, let alone posting them on your social media account? Now you have plenty of time to breathe new life into them using PhotoWorks.

Open a low-quality photo with bad lighting or improper color balance and adjust it with the Saturation and Hue tools or apply a professional color correction tool – 3D LUT and entirely change the color range. If your photos are quite old and blurry, use the Sharpness tool to fix them. The interface is self-explanatory, so you will master the advanced tools and become a qualified photographer effortlessly. Haven’t had a vacation for a while?

Take a photo of you and your family and replace the background with pictures of New York skyscrapers or fjords in Iceland. Like many other programs that AMS Software has to offer, PhotoWorks contains easy fix solutions, however now you have much time to dig in and get a deeper understanding of functions of this photo editing program.

Small tip: you can also change the color of your clothes in this program. Go to Enhancement and play with colors to find the right one.

3.    Photo Calendar Creator

Regardless of whether you are working from home right now or not, once the quarantine is over, you will have a lot to do. The work is piling up and it is getting more and more difficult to keep up. So, while you have some time on your hands, create a calendar to oversee all important dates in the foreseeable future.

Choose the right size: pocket, desk or wall, pick the design from a big gallery and fill in the important dates. If you are working at an international company, make your calendar bilingual by picking a suitable language from the dropdown list. The program contains all public holidays from your country, however, you can disable them if needed.

Additionally, you can create your own design by uploading a background picture from your PC and selecting a different photo frame, dropping shadow and, adding an outline and a mask. Once your calendar is done and ready to be shown to the world, contact print shops that are still operating remotely, send them your work and they will deliver you your calendar – let’s support local businesses, that have seen better days and really need our help now.

Small tip: if you are making a big calendar, you can add photos to a certain day, like a birthday, by double-clicking on it.

4.    PhotoDiva

Has it been too long since the last time you have uploaded a selfie to your Instagram account? Beauty salons are closed, barbershops are guaranteed, but we still want to look attractive, right?  Well, good news: now you can turn an average selfie into a professional portrait photo. Take a selfie with your camera or smartphone, open it in the program and fix your hairstyle, remove skin roughness or replace background. If you are not up to doing your makeup, fix it directly in the program: apply lipstick, eyeshadows and blusher. And if you ever wondered how you would look like if your eyes were bigger or your lips fuller, check the Face Sculpt tool – we know that we are perfect the way we are but curiosity is not a sin. To make your photo perfectly fit for Instagram, apply one of the built-in effects of Toning or Lighting.

Small tip: you can save a buck on experimenting with a new make-up look: simply try out different tones in the program, pick the one you like and do some online shopping.

5.    Photo Collage Maker

Are you so excited about the end of quarantine that you would like to host a party on the first day of freedom? The Photo Collage Maker will assist you in making creative and original invitations for your friends. Make unique cards with cute captions and original clipart. If you can’t come up with a design yourself, use built-in templates for invitations and greeting cards –  you will definitely find something. To make sure your friends and colleagues recognize your touch, replace the background with one of your own photos and make it more personal. If you are looking for more ideas to commemorate your last family vacation, see into the field of photomontage and scrapbooking: change frames, add clipart and filters, – you can even create your own graphic art and design frames and shapes yourself.

Small tip: if you are very bored, you can start making Christmas cards for this year; you will definitely be more busy in December.

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No one knows how long we are going to be stuck home with nothing to do and nowhere to go. The only way to keep sanity is to do something productive, learn something new or deepen your knowledge about something you have learned before. So, seize the opportunity to get new helpful skills, which certainly will come in handy someday down the line. In these difficult times we need the support of our loved ones more than ever, take care of your family and friends, and stay safe.