5 Major Digital Marketing Trends in 2020


The digital marketing sector is constantly changing and has experienced increased craze during the past decade. A few trends outline the dominant strategies in digital marketing. Some have been in place for several years while others are more recent. Which ones to bet on in 2020?

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

1. Data-driven Marketing

It is true that the most powerful companies in the world are also those that have a lot of data on their users. The harvest has not stopped since, and the proliferation of devices and contact points amplifies this movement. Thus, marketing can benefit by using this data to offer highly customized experiences.

With a focus on personalization, data-driven marketing can allow advertisers to reach Internet users in the right place, at the right time, and with the right message. All digital advertising agencies have implemented different tools to exploit users’ data (for example, automated campaigns on Google Ads or personalization of the Facebook Ads placement). That is why you can read several electric bikes reviews and then watch advertisements with those vehicles popping-up on different websites that you will visit for the next few months.

 The multiplication of this data also allows enterprises to conduct more advanced A/B tests and, therefore, leads to better performance. The growth of such advertising only confirms the trend of mass personalization.

2. Machine Learning

Who says, “more data available to advertisers,” says “matter to feed the algorithms”: the digital marketing of tomorrow will be even more automated than today. All the agencies have tried to accept this turning point for several years, and now, people can not process the huge volume of data at their disposal.

On the contrary, at each auction, Google Ads processes more than 70 million signals to perform its appropriate arbitration. But successful digital marketing strategies are those that combine the good use of algorithms with intelligent management: whether the machine or the human — one is always worse than two. We can expect more and more automated solutions at all levels: ads, auction strategies, targeting, campaigns, etc..

3. The Changing Marketing Influence

Being present for several years, the marketing influence market is taking a major turning point in 2020. Indeed, the explosion of Instagram (more than a billion monthly active users) has increased brands’ operations and their cooperation with influencers, so that bloggers can communicate with their followers. But recently, several studies have shown that micro-influence has more impact than the mass one. If micro-communities, by default, cover smaller audiences, their engagement with people through posts and stories is better.

Also, the release of Facebook Brands Collabs Manager is flipping the cards of the advertiser/influencer relationship, since this tool facilitates the establishment and development of partnerships. The role of marketing influence agencies is threatened by Facebook, which wants to position itself as a trusted mediator.

4. From Long-Term Video Content to “Snackable Video Content”

The video wave does not stop: in 2020, video traffic on the Internet is going to reach 84%! The crazy growth in the use of TikTok and Snapchat will accentuate this trend. In 2020, advertisers have a game to play by betting on these new digital advertising agencies which aren’t saturated yet, and where attention is still easy to captivate. We are gradually moving from “long-term” video consumption (Netflix, YouTube) to “snackable content”: short, innovative content that can be consumed quicker (TikTok, Stories, etc.). It also forces advertisers to adapt to this new content type and produce appropriate video ads.

5. Voice Marketing

By 2021, there will be more than 1.6 billion people who will use a voice assistant on a regular basis. Alexa, Google Home, Siri — they dominate the market for voice assistants and have signed an agreement that will allow all the connected objects in your home to communicate with each other, whatever the model and the manufacturer. That will allow to improve the functionality of the assistants, and therefore increase the engagement of people with devices. Also, the explosion of mobile usage has allowed easy access to a voice assistant even when it lies in your pocket.

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Nevertheless, the advertising possibilities are still very fine and convenient for advertisers. It is, for example, possible to create voice applications (as SNCF did to facilitate the booking of train tickets). But there is no self-service solution for advertisers found yet. Perhaps one day, the results of traditional search engines will appear in the voice search results. It will be a step toward the first advertisement made for those voice assistants.

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Whatever business you analyze, you can notice how some trends are becoming less popular and relevant for entrepreneurs and advertisers. However, in order to ensure the effective development of the business. It is necessary to monitor the news of your market area and try to implement new things. Including adding concepts into your work. In this article, we tried to cover the most talked-about tools and strategies in the fields of technology and marketing. And, we really hope some of those will help you succeed.