5 Ideas to Boost Your Business Development in 2020


Development and progression will always be the most crucial part of any company. This is why many of them give so much attention and resources for ensuring these two vital things. If you want your venture to develop and flourish, you need to have a detailed and systematic approach to what you are doing.

Here you will find five ideas that can help with the development of your business.

1.Coming up with a strategy and analyzing the market

The development of a commercial strategy ultimately is what will bring your company more visibility. Not only that, but it will also help you to make sure that you are in tune with the market you are operating in and, in turn, show you a blueprint for building a successful company.

Although, before you start pondering the strategy, you must research the market. By obtaining reliable data about the market, you will be able to identify the trends and the most prominent players in the field, what are the most suitable prices for generating and sustaining the growth of the brand

5 Ideas to Boost Your Business Development in 2020

One of the main things is to understand customers well because the better you know your audience, the more successful you will be able to meet their needs. Beware: the market and consumer behaviors are never constant. Tastes can change in the blink of an eye.

This is why you should encourage your sales representatives and your coworkers to send you every new piece of information they come across.

With that in mind, a feedback system becomes a necessity.

Marketing analysis usually involves searching for information wherever you can, including on the internet. If you have a database of your prospects, highlight them. To monitor your competitors, do a quick research.

Key elements of a market analysis:

  • Environmental and PESTLE factors which involve the study of the political, economic, social, technological, legal and ecological aspects of the marketplace
  • Commercial problems that become apparent after the first step of the examination
  • Means that will be used, and the methodology that will be implemented by the company in a chosen field
  • Proposals and solutions of the team tasked with carrying out the study
  • Validation of the research
  • Application of the conclusions of the market analysis

2. Development of the marketing and commercial plans

The marketing and commercial plans should correlate with the overall strategy. To break down, it is how you position your offer. For example, if you are selling mini cars for kids, you don’t want to target people without children. For starters, you should have productive sales tools such as company brochures, and a solid sales pitch.

In addition, consider developing a follow-up plan that will integrate telephone calls, emailing campaigns, analysis of your points of sale, a communication plan, and all kinds of digital marketing tools. Whenever possible, you should also keep an eye on your distribution networks. It is yet another way of promoting and developing the company.

3. Quality employee training

The skills of your staff and collaborators are what make or breaks business development. The quality of those skills manifests itself in time management, conflict management, and in every kind of communication – written or otherwise.

An efficient team will ensure significant sales and make your competitors eat dust. A good salesperson must train and practice continues to keep themselves productive. It’s up to you to identify the strengths and weaknesses of employees and how to go about filling their professional gaps.

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Employees then must practice and incorporate acquired skills into a marketing framework over a period of time. After that, the team should be complete so that the commercial goals are fully formed, and a marketing plan can be executed.

Developing the managerial skills of marketing teams is also an important aspect. Managers should see to it that members of a team all have individual objectives, and control the quality and quantity of their workload.

You should hold regular meetings and implement a reporting system, so the teams keep you up to date with their plans, and you can follow the company’s progress. Also, management can assess performance during individual interviews with employees.

4. Use the right customer relationship tools

For an easier implementation of the marketing strategy, you should use the tools at your disposal. Start by developing user interfaces for the divisions of the company: finance, human resources, production, and above all, quality management.

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Keep in mind that time is precious. Use it as effectively as you possibly can. The smart thing to do is to automate the sales department. Use the various management software that is readily available for every budget size. You will be able to keep the point of sale and customer history and contact them when it is needed.

Also have the opportunity to process requests without losing any.  Find that processing data using a CRM (customer relationship management) program will increase the efficiency and profitability of your business, and will guarantee rapid business development.

5. Go beyond your goals

The manager of a company or the owner of a brand must ensure at all costs the operation of their company. This person must kick off the growth phase, but that’s not the end of his or her work. You shouldn’t take a back seat and wash your hands from duties; on the contrary, make sure your business keeps growing by putting in the effort every day. Lead by example.

If you have made ten sales this month, you must strive to sell more than that next time. To sum up, your workforce defines the growth rate and the evolution of your business.