5 Great Things your Apple Watch OS 2 can do


As we know the Apple Watch is developed to get more from it in a portable form. The major platform upgrade for Apple watch is OS 2. There are many people who are still unaware of the features of Apple Watch OS 2.

Get you passes

This new watch is capable to get passes for the live concert or any other event. The name for this feature will be changed to the wallet in the upcoming iOS. You can add passes to your wallet after getting the notification without pulling out your phone from your pocket.

Make or Pick calls and send texts

You can easily make or pick calls to any person from your contact list and send texts. You will have to use the third party app for this feature and this makes this device handler.

Set customized preset text replies

You can easily set replies to the text you received although this feature was there in OS 1, the best thing about OS 2 is that the user can set custom text. One can even make some tweaks to the response that means a lot of flexibility is provided.

Record and send as text

Another feature of this new smartwatch is that one can record the audio and then send it as text. You just have to open up the app and record the audio using the given microphone in the watch and then the watch will convert it to text for you with an option to send as text.

Watch Video

Since this watch has a screen the same as the mobile phone, one can easily watch videos on this. So now if you are waiting for someone, you can entertain yourself using this feature.


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