5 Companies that wanted to buy LinkedIn


It’s amazing how start-ups begin from nothing at all and then turn into these giant companies, that the other super companies purchase them for billions of dollars. That is right, were right now talking about something that has been all over our news feed, Microsoft buying LinkedIn.

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Which Are Those Four Companies?

So, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for a whopping $26 billion, which is something we have all heard of right. But something that has just surfaced is that four other companies were interested too in buying LinkedIn. Four of them were in conversation with LinkedIn regarding the deal. All of this was inferred from an SEC filing that was recently posted.

To start with, Salesforce bid to buy LinkedIn. Since the documents that have been released do not name the companies that are involved, we guess that it was, in fact, Salesforce that bid $200 per share. Now, this is more than what Microsoft paid in cash ($196 per share).

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Post this, there are details of negotiations with three other companies that ultimately did not materialize into a deal. The reasons for so happening are still not so clear.

The SEO also declared that in case the deal with Microsoft breaks midway and doesn’t get finalized, Microsoft must pay a penalty fee of $725 million.

However, here are our guesses for the other four companies that could have bid for LinkedIn-

  1. Alphabet, because Google practically takes care of everything from our calendars to contacts.
  2. Facebook, being the main networking site.
  3. Oracle, since then they had access to LinkedIn’s data.
  4. IBM, another potential company.

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