5 Best VR Games You will Enjoy on Samsung Gear

Virtual Reality is coming! Its promise holds true, with more and more content created each day. The worlds largest manufacturers racing neck to neck create their own set of VR goggles. Meanwhile, the game industry is incredibly democratic, inviting developers big and small to create their own VR games. In this article, we will see a list of Best VR Games.

5 Best VR Games to be Played on Samsung Gear

Here are the 5 best VR games for the Samsung Gear VR platform. Once check them out.

Epic Dragon VR

Who wants to build a snowman when they can ride a dragon! And you must ride the dragon to collect as many eggs as you can before the gods of darkness extinguish the sun with their dark moon. What it means conventionally is that you control the flight of the dragon with your head and collect the eggs perched on tree-like structures growing on thin, jagged cliffs. Stay above the clouds and ahead of the timer, and see how long can you last. The game is wonderfully responsive as well as giving a great impression of speed and movement.

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Style reigns in this little but one of the best VR games. The game is presented as a training module for perfection developed by an Asian doctor. Then the second step towards perfection is controlling time, so you know you are in for a treat. As a bullet like a creature, you will travel through stylized action scenes frozen in time, avoiding obstacles and using bullet time (fired up by holding the touchpad) to make the most challenging turns. If you need and meets description, its Superhot meets Aperture Science.

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EVE: Gunjack

Probably the meatiest of the bunch, this one comes from the developer of space opera/Excel sheet simulator Eve Online. You hop into a turret and defend your space ore refinery from wave after wave of attacking enemy craft. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, the execution is beautiful, and its more than just eye candy: CCP games modeled not only the cockpit of the turret, but also the player’s body, and the effect is breathtaking. Play it NOW!

Shooting Showdown 2

This one is for the aspiring gun nuts out there. The game matches you against an another player in a shooting gallery match. The challenges are selected at random  you might be shooting falling Minecraft blocks or sides of colored dice (don’t ask). The game has some grind to unlock more and better guns, but its fun to crush even anonymous contenders, plus, you are controlling guns with your mind¦ well, head, anyways. Its cool! This is one of the best VR games.

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Lands End

Sort of like The Witness for Gear VR, this is an extremely beautiful game in serene, abandoned worlds. Solve puzzles, explore and relax. No turrets to man, no waves of enemies to shoot. This the calmest and the most contemplative game on our list.

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So far, you might have noticed a few trends in those games: all of them provide a great exercise for your neck, and they rely on the idea more than visuals. Which means that gameplay is more important than crisp, top of the line graphics. So aspirating game developers can afford  and to save time, you can buy stock 3D models. And this is where 3D model marketplaces like CGTrader come in!

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