Top 5 Best Email Apps to be Used on iPhone

Everybody wishes to own an iPhone and take utmost care of it both regarding hardware and software. Many people think a lot before they install a new app on their iPhone. It is the notion of most of the people that pre-installed applications developed by Apple to perform a particular task are the one to be used for optimum results.

As an exception to such notions, Mail App turns out to be the best Email apps to be used on iPhone. It is ideal for people who prefer a friendly interface and a simple set of features as well as for those who wish to use complex functional applications.

I have been searching for the best email apps after Dropbox disallowed the use of the mail of my choice. I have been trying dozens of application often on my mobile phone to replace the Mailbox. This post is definitely going to save the stress and difficulty of people who have been facing a situation similar to mine.

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The increase in the usage of to-do and messaging apps and email applications, it has become a challenging task to choose the right one for our use. However, I have made an effort to save your time and help you find the right app for you on iPhone to access your mailbox.

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Inbox by Google

This is one of the best Email apps available today. Being inspired by Mailbox, Googles Inbox has a good interface and an amazing set of features that enables mail handling easy. Since there is no unified mailbox, people who wish to access multiple accounts cannot use this app.

Download from iTunes here: Inbox By Google


If you are someone who is looking for a robust and high featured application Airmail would suit you. Though Bloops iPhone version has good interface and features, there seem to be sync related problems for few making the app unusable sometimes.

Download from iTunes here: Airmail Your Mail With You


Very similar to Airmail, Spark offers a large number of features into a single client along with a friendly user interface. The suites help in the smooth handling of high volume emails and email accounts.

Download from iTunes here: Spark Love Your Email Again

Cloud Magic Email

Having more than three million users, Cloud Mail has been consistently growing popular among iPhone users. According to me, it is the best app for those who look for a power packed email box. The app has good speed, beautiful interface, high levels of security and amazing set of functionality.

Download from iTunes here: CloudMagics-Newton Mail: Email Tracking, Send Later, Undo Send

Microsoft Outlook

Being one of the most popular mailboxes used by smartphone users, especially iPhone users, Microsoft Outlook according to me is the most trust-able email application. It guarantees good speed, high levels of privacy along with good and consistent functionality features assuring easy usage.

There are additional options available in this app to gain a better application experience for which the user needs to pay. However, the free version itself provides me the satisfaction of using the app and keeps me away from the fear of losing my emails or breaching of privacy of the content in my inbox. This is the reason why we say this as the best Email apps.

Download from iTunes here:Microsoft Outlook  email and calendar

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