4 Rules of Successful Student Blog


Being successful, just like getting good grades, is one of the most important aspects that all students try to follow. It is a part of college life were learning how to communicate and make new friends. It helps to establish connections for a future career among other things. A successful student blog is one of the ways how a person can become popular and make a positive impact.

While it may seem challenging to achieve success. Looking through the blog writing tips helps to avoid the most common mistakes of an average blogger and teaches how to make the posts unique.

4 Successful Student Blog Rules to Remember

Blogging in 2018

Choosing the Name and Design

Any blog should be easy to find and remember, which is why it is necessary to make a list of good ideas. And choose the best title (URL). If you are planning to share recipes for the fellow students that are both tasty and cost-efficient, use something that comes to mind when thinking about food. The next thing to consider is using a good template or even talking to a friend with good design skills. It does not have to be flashy and over the top but something that reflects the main blog idea.

Making the Content Unique

A successful blog content writing is keeping every post original and different from what is repeated all over the Internet. Even if you talk about something popular like college stress or how to use the Harvard format rules, do it in simple terms and share a personal story.

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A student blog should be sincere and easy to read because if an average author shares every grammar rule, it is much better to visit a professional website. A student page is a place where the brain may relax while being in the middle of a task. Share personal learning tips, talk about psychology experiments, discuss the books that you liked or the movies that are worth seeing.

Structure, Grammar, and Logic

Writing content without spelling errors, vague structure, and a clear expression of your thoughts is not an easy thing. When most students become inspired to run a blog, they start with the design and get stuck with the first post or when trying to explain an academic rule.

Do not spend hours trying to sound like an expert when you can approach a professional Writix essay writing service to check every post for structure, grammar, correct use of terms, and, what is even more important, receive a plagiarism report. There is nothing worse than reading a message that blames you for stealing the content. Thus, turning to a trained expert, such issues can be easily avoided. Moreover, if you are an international exchange student and English is not your first language, the writing help online is your best bet!

Interactive Elements

Use colorful graphics, videos, surveys, invitations, and the little things that make a blog interesting. If you pursue an engineering discipline, a blog with helpful tips and a list of good books would be insufficient. Add a map to the local library or share a picture where a student cafe is shown in a cozy environment. Sharing the content writing tips it would be unfair not to tell about the elements that call to action or invite to check out similar pages.

Most blogging platforms that implement WordPress templates have an option that chooses the previous related posts, which makes it easier to select what fits right. If you want to find out how well your blog performs, add special surveys that ask visitors about their experiences or suggest what kind of content can make your student blog better.

How to Write a Classic Blog Post?

As any expert will tell. There is no universal recipe that works for every student. Yet most professional writing blog tips always mention the importance of a thesis statement. Include an argument or a keyword to engage the visitors. A good social media content follows a clear structure that might remind of a classic essay template. It starts with an introduction, thesis, three body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

The blog posts function in a similar way because if a visitor is ready to spend time looking for something. It should be mentioned right in the beginning. Use the links or references that make the blog post reliable. Or if there is an idea that should be supported.

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One final tip: as you find a great idea elsewhere. Always paraphrase an idea in your own words to avoid plagiarism risks.