4 Best Tools For Creating Professional Presentations


Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a student, or an educator, at some point in our lives we have all created PowerPoint presentations. Nothing works like a captivating presentation when we talk about the sharing of ideas and influencing others. Gone are the days when presentations were confined to internal board meetings. Today, companies have started leveraging PowerPoint slides as the first point of contact with potential stakeholders. Be it pitching an idea to investors, building market collateral, or showcasing your expertise in a subject matter, presentations are everywhere. An ideal presentation persuades, informs, and shares the knowledge with the audience. It also helps you nail your first impression in front of partners, clients, or investors.

For a presentation to succeed, it should encompass an attractive design. Professional presentations should be supplemented with tailor-made templates, fonts, visual aids, animations, etc. It is only then that your professional presentation will have a lasting visual impact on your viewers. The goal is to get hold of your audience’s focus, that too from the very beginning. The right presentation can be a game-changer for businesses. You can unlock superior content sharing and collaboration with peers through your presentations. The right presentation tool can enable everybody to create state-of-the-art slides and woo their audience. In this post, we will talk about easy to use tools which can help you craft an out of the box professional presentation.


SlideModel is one of the biggest presentation providers on the internet. The website maintains a huge repository of over 20,000 professional templates for your presentation. SlideModel is an amazing tool for presentation creators since you can easily download your favorite template and start putting in content. Entrepreneurs can save valuable time, come up with quick and engaging presentations, and focus more on other business elements. A presentation is your chance to showcase your expertise. SlideModel aids you in this endeavor.

SlideModel offers ready to use templates which makes creating presentations a piece of cake. Basically, the template provides you with a structure and you’re only required to fill it with relevant content. Templates provide your presentation with consistency across slides, superior branding, and ease of formatting. SlideModel templates are 100% editable and hence can be attuned to your presentation goals. You can also get access to presentation charts, diagrams, backgrounds, maps templates, fonts on the platform.


Visme is a popular graphics tool for presentations. You can transform ordinary styles with never seen before visual aids through Visme. Being a web-based tool, Visme also provides templates to create amazing presentations. People with next to no design skills can create attractive presentations through Visme in a matter of a few minutes. Once created, you can publish your presentations and visual aids through the URL and let others access it. Visme offers superior interactivity slide add-ons which help you keep the audience engaged in your presentations.

What sets Visme apart is its data visualization capabilities. You can create detailed yet engaging graphs, charts, and infographics. Visual aids are best when it comes to communicating numbers or stats. Every professional presentation is incomplete without numbers. With Visme, you can create intuitive graphic designs that can capture the attention of your audience and parallelly help them comprehend the data. You can also enjoy intriguing animations, flows on Visme, and integrate the same in your slides. The tool gets updated with fresh resources almost daily.

Google Slides:

One of the most widely used presentation tools, Google Slides is an all-in-one destination for creating professional presentations. Being a Software as a Service (SaaS), Google Slides is available online and can be accessed from anywhere around the world. You can start your presentation with a template from Google Slides gallery or can import your own custom template too. Google Slide has thousands of fonts, high-quality visuals, and diagrams available for use. The best thing is design aesthetics, once chosen, are applied across the slide deck.

Consistency in design drives audience engagement, Google Slides helps you achieve just that. You can also collaborate with your team members and peers for creating presentations on Google Slides. Once done, presenters can share the presentations with their audience in just a few clicks. Right from template selection to presentation delivery, Google Slides acts as a companion and helps you transform your innovative thoughts into reality. It is a great presentation that influences your stakeholders to trust you and makes them know more about your business.


Pitcherific, as the name suggests, helps you create amazing business pitches. Pitcherific comes pre-packed with beautiful templates for a wide range of professional publications such as newsletters, resumes, infographics, business cards, etc. You can choose from over a hundred design layouts to begin your presentation. Small business owners and entrepreneurs can directly pick the desired layout and start working their way up the presentation. You can adjust fonts and text as you build your slides. All the slide elements can be dragged and dropped seamlessly.

While you’re crafting your slides, the platform allows you to track how long your slide explanation will be by providing you with a timeclock. Pitcherific adds flexibility to your presentation creation process. Users can make sure they don’t end up with text-heavy or image-heavy slides. At Pitcherific, slides are fully customizable to fit your requirements, therefore you can use texts and images sparingly. One should always remember that the end goal is to create an everlasting visual impact on the audience.

Gone are the days when you could please your audience with traditional presentation styles. The audience of today expects a customized communication. While creating your professional presentation, you should make sure that it communicates the key idea. It is only then your presentation can connect with your viewers in a fun & engaging manner.


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