3 Secrets to Help Boost Your Rankings in Google


If there’s one thing Google loves, that is to update its SEO algorithm as frequently as possible. In fact, in a year, it makes over 500 changes in the algorithm.

How can websites keep up with it? Is there a way to rank high in Google when it changes rules even twice a day?

SEO allows websites to show up in more search results by optimizing content to meet the latest requirements the giant search engine brings. But with so many changes, you may think it’s impossible to navigate the search engine algorithm because you’ll definitely miss something.

And what it’s worse, Google doesn’t like to share. So, it provides no guidelines to websites. You have to figure it out yourself what it asks from your web page. And if you miss one of its requirements, your content can be as well written with invisible letters.

But if you do it right, you gain increased traffic, conversions, and sales. Isn’t it everything businesses want?

As a business owner, you may wonder if there is any SEO secret to boost your ranking in Google. It would be wrong to view SEO as some sort of magic or voodoo, especially in 2020 because it’s just a set of strategies that boil down to 3 secrets.

Let’s explore them in the following lines.

User experience

One thing Google always said was that it values the experience websites provide to their clients. So, it’s no surprise that user experience is one of the most important ranking factors. Google uses RankBrain (don’t worry you’re not the only one who doesn’t know what it is) to evaluate if a website is worthy to rank higher in search results. RankBrain is a machine learning system that helps search engines to identify the web pages that should rank in search results. You can compare it to Big Brother; it watches how your website users interact with search results and suggest the websites it finds suitable.

If an Internet user clicks on your website, and they immediately bounce from it, it loses its ranking. But if they spend some time on the website, and inspect multiple pages, the website gains a higher ranking. The entire process is based on the experience the Internet users have on the website.

To construct a website that retains clients, you must optimize content around medium tail keywords, and provide answers to their hottest questions. Each page should be interesting and engaging for your public. Varying content with infographics and videos can spice a page and retain users. There are simple tricks to use to keep the audience on your page longer.

To determine if your web page meets the value Google and your visitors expect, use the following set of categories to evaluate its effectiveness.

– Content value

– Structure

– Strategy

– Image and Brand consistency

– Cross-Device compatibility

– Marketing integration

Link building

Links are top ranking factors for Google and vital to boosting the search engine ranking. For your website to seem reliable, attract links from reputable sources. Connect with bloggers, content writers, publishers, and webmasters to provide you with content-rich in high-authority links.

For a long time, people thought that the best way to improve ranking is to create many links. But does it really work this way? Links can help your website grow in rankings, but not all links are constructed equally, and not all have the same results. Do rick anchor link texts perform better? Do sitewide link texts? Should the same resources link to your website more than once?

Aim for few high-quality links than for thousands of valueless links that bring no value to your page. Weak and risky backlinks can get you a penalty for Google, and you can lose all your organic traffic. To build high-quality links, you must create relevant content for your customers and business. If your visitors are happy, then so is Google. All links should look natural to prevent Google from concluding you try to manipulate its algorithm. Keep the links in the content than in the sidebar or footer of the text. Ask connections in your niche to offer backlinks. Otherwise, link building isn’t sufficient.

Testimonial link building is effective in 2020 because it offers your clients the chance to share their experience using your services. It also builds customer trust, and it drives more traffic to your website. To find more methods to backlink, visit this comprehensive resource.

Comprehensive, Authoritative, Evergreen Content

To provide Google with the kind of content it’s looking for, create long-form, in-depth posts about a topic related to your industry. Content is the foundation for boosting search engine rankings. When used right, content marketing can generate six times more conversions than any other marketing technique.

But to create high-quality content, you need to

– Research your audience, identify relevant topics and keywords

– Incorporate the keywords in meta tags, header tags, and content

– Publish the content on a reputable website

– Promote content on influencing websites

Lately, the social sharing of content had been cut in half because the Internet is dealing with a content saturation (WordPress statistics report that each month users produce over 70 million new posts). Websites with a strong reputation for their original and high-quality content are doing well in search ranks even if they don’t get the same number of social shares as they did a couple of years ago.

To show Google that you produce in-depth, evergreen, and authoritative content, you must

– Create long-form posts that have at least 2000 words

– Use LSI keywords that are phrases or keywords related to the topic you discuss

– Focus on skyscraper content to serves your visitors answers to their questions

– Write for people no search engines

– Include a call to action

For the magic of the above tips to work, remember that your website is the heart of your digital marketing campaign, and if you want to drive the best results you must optimize it to attract your target audience. Do it with your clients in mind, and Google will appreciate it.


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