Top 3 Best Research Tools of 2018


Research tools have a tendency to come and go. What may have been popular in 2017 might not be popular in 2018, or the tool may fade away into nonexistence.

As a researcher, its your job to discover the top tools at any given time. By keeping up with the latest research tools and trends, you will always be able to perform research vital to your industry or field of study.

With that in mind, we will now take a look at the best research tools available to use in 2018. These tools are vital to a number of different industries, like the medical field, so look them over thoroughly and see which ones can be utilized in your particular field.

Gene Organizer

This first research tool may seem self-explanatory on the surface, but it certainly does a whole lot for the research community in general. This tool is particularly powerful because it has the ability to link genes to the organs that they will have a specific effect on.

As an example, lets say a person may be most susceptible to colon cancer. There are certain genes in the human genome that will have a negative effect on the human body and create colon cancer.

More often than not, people particularly susceptible to this disease will possess the specific gene. On the other hand, those who arenot susceptible will not possess this gene in an altered or negative state.

As a researcher, this tool can be quite valuable if you need to perform a study or write a paper on genes and how they have specific effects on the human body. This research tool can answer all of your questions in this regard and help you deliver the correct answers in your paper, study, or presentation.


The main goal of the research tools made available on is to deliver a more efficient way to perform preclinical research. This is chiefly helpful because it can make it easier than ever to provide patients with quicker assistance when life-saving treatments are needed.

This collaborative effort provides a customer-centric approach. Studylog is a wonderful website for those in need of animal study workflow products because they deliver the best in this particular area. And because of their willingness to go above and beyond, the company is available in dozens of countries and they help some of the leading government labs, academic research teams, and the largest pharmaceutical companies around the world.

During animal research, its easy to lose track of the hours spent working on a specific study. Instead of worrying about forgetting to keep track of the time, you can eliminate human error altogether by using Clockspot, which is a powerful online time tracking software. By integrating this software into your animal studies, you will be able to track your entire research project up-to-the-minute because its so precise.


This precise research tool will come in very handy for scholarly types. Its particularly effective because it was designed to track the buzz around articles of a scholarly nature that are currently making the rounds.

Scholars will really like this tool because it will not only keep them in the know on the latest research, it also gives them the ability to have up-to-date information that they can talk about with their colleagues and friends. They will never have to worry about being left out in the cold again on a particular topic because they will stay informed by keeping track of the most recent studies and papers made available from other scholars in many fields.


As we mentioned earlier, research tools will come and go. In 2018, we have found some dominant research tools that we know researchers can benefit from. So please use them to your advantage in your particular field of research or study.

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