3 Best Android Apps to Make your Phone Handling Easier

Loads of best android apps are just dropped into play store every day some of which are quite useful, but you obviously are too busy with chit chat and gaming to scroll and look out for them. But no worries, helper is here, below I have mentioned some of the best android apps that you can use to make your android experience much easier and entertaining.

Best android apps in the market

  • Microsoft Hyperlapse: Microsoft created a lot of buzz by launching this app, and it was worth it, the app clicks a lot of pictures simultaneously, and then creates a time-lapse video, though there are many apps of the similar kind, but Microsoft surely created this to outwit them. 
  • Snap me up: A pretty useful app, actually are you a selfie addict? Are you fed up that by not waking up from alarms and being late? Well, this is the perfect app for you, its basically an alarm app, the twist is that it won’t turn off unless you take a selfie, quite interesting concept EH?
  • Duolingo: Speak honestly, you have thought about learning a new language at least once right? Here is the perfect app for you, duolingo’s interface has 9 languages that you can learn, and that too in a very interesting way, most of all it’s FREE!!!.

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These are the 3 best android apps currently trending in the ‘geek’ world, try them out and you sure will not be disappointed. Just a hint of advice though try looking for ‘editor picks’ in play store, there are some pretty great apps.

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