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Last Fantasy 14 is chock packed with things to do, locations to see, and Jobs to level up. There are many different courses that you’re most likely going to wish to see them all. As well as why not? FF14 Jobs aren’t tied to any individual personality, so you can level them all up to your heart’s material without having to grind via story material around again. Yet the EXP grind is a different monster all on its own– one that calls for rather a lot of time as well as patience to tame. No demand for stress, however. That’s what we’re below for! It’s time to look at our FF14 leveling guide, loaded with all the pointers and tricks you require to grind experience as quickly as feasible. Let’s start!

GetCenturio Clan Hunts Daily

Searching is a fantastic means to level up in FF14. You require to unlock the system by joining among the three Grand Companies in LimsaLominsa, Gridania, or Ul’Dah. After that, you can begin mashing absolute beasts for bonus EXP and Gil. There is, nevertheless, an even better course of searching with also better rewards. You require to get to the Heavensward development– along with the Structure area of its funding city, Ishgard– to start.

From there, you can approve the side quest “Allow the Clan Search Begin.” Doing so will undoubtedly open a series of daily bounties for certain monsters. Slaying the requisite quantity of each won’t only award Gil and a unique currency called Centurio Seals, but a healthy aiding of EXP to level up your FF14 Jobs. Later on, you can open many more pursues in Kugane (once you get to the Stormblood expansion) in addition to weekly “Elite” seeks. All benefit EXP and the Centurio Seals you acquire are essential to several equipment upgrades in the FF14 endgame.

Every Week Review Your Challenge Log

FF14 doesn’t attract much interest to this little feature; it’s concealed in the Logs section of your primary menu. However, it is a fantastic way to grind levels in the video game– primarily because you’re possibly already filling it out without understanding it.

Just head to the Logs above menu in Final Dream 14. Now most likely to the significantly lower choice– Difficulty Logs– and take a peek. You’ll find a smorgasbord of weekly obstacles to complete, every one of which honors one kind of currency or an additional, along with thousands of EXP. As necessary, finishing 3 Duty Live roulette missions will undoubtedly provide the same experience as four or five side quests at your ideal level. You don’t have to play a low-level Work the whole time, either. You can get 99 percent of the means there, inspect the Difficulty Log, and complete the step as whatever task you want to acquire the best benefit.

The Logs area of your primary menu has various other goodies, also. You can carry out class-specific hunts for random animals, for one. These likewise offer reward EXP. However, it’s usually a bit less than the weekly difficulties that reset every Tuesday.

Constantly Hit the Day-to-day Roulette, Particularly if…

The Task Roulette is, for many individuals, most likely the primary means to level up rapidly in Final Fantasy 14. It allows you to jump into Dungeons, Trial runs, and other team content with a team full of strangers. In exchange for helping them via tale bits, you obtain an excellent gratuity of incentive EXP. It only works once daily per type of activity, however. You can continue to use the live roulette as many times as you want, yet the significant reward just uses on the very first completion. That’s still a substantial advantage– precisely when you consider the emphasis and family member rate of eliminating enemies and employers in a group.

Current Jobs Level You Up Quicker

Speaking of multiple Jobs, Final Dream 14 has a convenient means to level up quickly for avid gamers. It’s called the Depot Benefit, and it can obtain you approximately 100 percent much more experience than usual from most activities. You require to have one fight Work at a degree more significant than any other combat Work! Doing so will offer the lower degree classes an increase– up to the point that they catch up with your highest-level Task.

The incentive begins at an extra 100 percent EXP till you reach degree 60. That will most likely occur somewhere in the Heavensward project if you’re following the Key Circumstance Quest for the first time. The level increase goes down to half added experience as soon as you get to level 60– but that’s still nothing to sneeze at. The drawback is that this will not assist you if you’re starting.

Get You Over the Hump with Guildleves

FF14 Guildleves, or levequests, are unique, repeatable objectives spread throughout the world of Eorzea. They are likewise pretty much mainly designed to help you level up– no matter what Work you’re playing. To access them, you have to first open Guildleves by completing one of the three complying with quests: “Leves of Bentbranch,” “Leves of Perspective,” or “Leves of Swiftperch,” depending on your chosen beginning area. These side pursuits unlock after you reach a certain point in the Main Situation Mission– about when you hit degree 10.

From here on out, you can see except levequests from notable NPCs beyond significant cities. Just search for map symbols that look like a silver plate with an exclamation factor inside. These personalities supply quests categorized as battlecraft, tradecraft, and fieldcraft.

When you accept a level, you can start the mission at any time. But you’ll be timed from there on out. You can also choose from reduced and higher trouble degrees, either for a simpler time or higher benefits. However, you can pretty much always finish any level at the optimum difficulty. It will undoubtedly take a little bit more assumed, yet they’re all practical– also, at the most affordable possible degree, you can accept the mission.

Get Started with Guildhests

These are especially useful for gamers grabbing among the Final Dream 14 expansion courses– like Astrologian, Red Mage, or Dancer, to name a few. That’s since those classes permit gamers to leap from one different role to one more, hours and hours right into the video game, and Guildhests are created to educate you on the essentials of a provided duty. You can locate these unique goals in the Duty Finder!

Claim, for example, that you level up a DPS course entirely to the level cap. But then you intend to try playing a storage tank. Grabbing the Dark Knight will undoubtedly give you a semi-leveled character and some gear; however, it will not teach you how to container for a team in Final Dream 14. Guildhests will certainly walk you through the process detailed– while offering you a booster of experience for each brand-new one you complete. Not just that: every Guildhests offers incentive EXP the first time you complete it on a given class or Job. So, you can repeat the same Guildhests throughout multiple Jobs to level up quicker.

Rest Well and Eat Often

These are two ideas in one. Aren’t we lucky? Specifically, there are two accessible resources of benefit EXP readily available to all FF14 gamers seeking to grind. Food (which you can craft yourself or purchase in any type of significant city) and also resting (which you “make” by turning off in a Haven area) both supply aficionados.

Eating offers a light but successfully infinite 3 percent experience enthusiast– generally in addition to numerous other battles or crafting advantages. Technically, this just ever lasts thirty minutes per food item, but you can continue to eat for an endless bonus offer.

The rested EXP benefit is a little bit much fickler, however, additionally extra efficient. You can just gain it by logging out in a Haven (any kind of non-combat area that puts a crescent moon symbol next to your degree bar). This will certainly give you 50 percent perk XP for any type of job and accumulate for as much as 1.5 levels’ worth of EXP. Lengthy tale brief: Constantly turn off in Sanctuaries!

Make sure Your Job is Up-to-Date

Comparable to the Main Situation Quest, FF14 Task quests are also fountains of experience points. And given that they’re tied to particular Jobs (meaning you can only obtain EXP for the class they’re connected to), there’s no reason to keep back. You must complete these as soon as possible to press your particular Jobs ever closer to leveling up. You’ll typically unlock new abilities and equipment that makes the rest of FF14 a lot, a lot easier.

Track the Primary Scenario Quest

Perhaps this is a piece of cake, but it’s too vital and also: Constantly play primary story missions as quickly as possible. These “Key Situation Pursuits” aren’t merely enormous resources of EXP in FF14; they’re additionally the secret to opening almost every new task in the game. The Majority Of Tests, Raids, Dungeons, and many side missions are secured behind tale development at some time or another. These will, consequently, offer you much more means to level up quicker. And also, they’ll add increasingly more options to your Duty Live roulette. This is also a fantastic source of experience, and adding more variety to every live roulette will maintain the EXP work from getting as well old, too quickly.

Deep Dungeons (Dude)

Palace of the Dead and a more advanced follow-up, Heaven-on-High, are the only 2 “Deep Dungeons” in FF14. These relatively endless dungeons loaded with beasts vary from most of the game’s content in some essential methods. Melee DPS Jobs obtain their positional bonuses without actually needing to position themselves, for one. And you do not require a specific celebration composition to locate suits. You’re generally merely there to kill flooring, after flooring, after flooring of monsters.

If you resemble the majority of FF14 gamers, you’re additionally there to grind EXP. Since the Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High is the best resource of degrees in the game. The former will rise to degree 60, while the latter will take you from 61 to 70. We have a complete Heaven-on-High guide that will take you via the fundamentals and explain power leveling. Feel in one’s bones this: nearly every other tip on this experience farming guide is indicated to separate the dullness of Deep Dungeons while gaining you other incentives in the process. If you want EXP, head to Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High.

Your Friends Are Really Your Friends

There’s truly no reason not to join a Cost-free Company in FF14. These player groups– otherwise referred to as guilds in many MMOs– are extraordinarily usual and very usually open to recruitment. Chances are you’ll obtain spammed with invites to them if you stand in the Aetheryte Plaza of any capital city. If a person offers, you can search for that gamer’s details in-game to look up the specifics of their Complimentary Firm.

There are more concrete advantages to belonging to a Complimentary Company than merely having people to chat with. Any type of one can offer regular buffs– including reward EXP to assist you to level up. These are completely easy and most likely free to you, the average player. So as long as you’re playing anyhow, you could as well try to find a Cost-free Firm you like. You never know! You might even make some pals along the road.

Which’s it for our FF14 power progressing overview! We wish this aid you on your mission to reach the degree cap and all the lovely advantages that entail. For even more ideas for FF14 Jobs as well as other activities, ensure to check back later. In the meantime, take care!


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