10 Best Apps for Apple Watch You Must Have


There is a list of apps for Apple watch available today. Many apps have got 10000+ download count, and as we all know, App Store is one the best business today. If you are looking for the best apps for Apple Watch then here is the list of apps available.

Apple Watch is one of the most famous Gadgets available today. After the launch of Watch OS2, there are huge numbers of apps available that run in the watch itself. So here is the list that you can use in order to download the best apps for your Apple watch.


Vine is one among the best apps for Apple Watch. Though the watching experience on such a small screen is not good but still you can use this app and enjoy awesome videos. At the time of watching you won�t disturb or annoy anyone around you. This app also enables you to take in featured vines and favorite vines so that you can do amusing things.

Download and Install Vine Camera App for Free from  iTunes

Fantastical 2

Apple Watch already has its own calendar app which will let you read appointments, but the Fantastical 2 app lets you add events without touching your iPhone. The force touch of this new Apple watch lets you access by using the appropriate command and order. This app also alerts you with the original and natural sound about the reminder you have saved which will make you like living in the future.

Download and Install Fantastical 2 App for  $3.99 “ iTunes

CARROT Weather

Apple already provides an app that lets you know about the weather conditions in the area you are. But this app will let you know the forecasting of the dark sky. It will also show you the time for which the rain occurred, and it will also let you know the rainfall predictions and complications.

Download and Install Carrot Weather App for $3.99+$1.99 annually –iTunes


Streaks are among the best apps for Apple Watch. This app lets you build small habits, for example, walking 1000 steps and many other things. This app has some limitation, and so you will be able to set some specific number of stuff in order to make it a habit. This app is really an excellent app, and it fits your smart watch as you wear it at the time of going out.

Download and Install Streaks App for $3.99 from  iTunes

BBC News

There are some newspaper apps available already in the app store, but BBC News is one of the best apps for Apple Watch. As we all know that BBC news is the most famous news app. You will easily get notifications, and you can easily access the news based on your favorite category. You will get a brief and proper synopsis for every news along with the best picture. So now you don’t have to put on your hands on your iPhone in order to read the news.

Download and Install BBC News App for free from  iTunes


If you are using pro camera already on your iPhone, then you must use this app in your Apple Watch. This app will let you take the pics remotely. This app will also let you configure the timer delay in order to take a photo shot.

Download and Install BBC News App for $4.99 from-iTunes

Find Near Me

You will love this app for sure. This app lets you quickly find many things near you. You just have to tap, and you will come to know the locations of ATM, BANK, Spa, Zoo, Bar Etc. This app is way too fast, and you can even search for locations and businesses using Siri (currently rare). When you select any individual item, the app shows the addresses, reviews, and much other info.

Download and Install Find Near Me App for Free –iTunes


A list of apps for Apple Watch is available nowadays, but the currency app will save a lot of money yours. As we know, the currencies change daily and so you don’t have to count every time because this app lets you count money using this watch. You can look for any currency and its conversion. You just have to choose the currency and enter the amount and tap on convert, and you can see the converted rates immediately.

Download and Install Currency App for Free –iTunes

TuneIn Radio Pro

This app lets you tune to more than 100,000 stations around the world. You can quickly change the current or the running station without taking off your iPhone. You can even access to related channels, follow shows, and try many other things. This app will also allow you to play/pause/skip the shows. If you don’t want to spend any money, then a free version of this app is also available.

Download and Install TuneIn Radio Pro App for $9.99 –iTunes


This is basically a game that you can play over your Apple Watch. This is an adventure game that you will enjoy a lot on that small screen. This is an excellent game and the second version of this game is available with a twist that you will have to play and find out. So go for it.

Download and Install LifeLine App for $2.99 –iTunes


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