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Ultimate Hacking Keyboard that Splits into two and is Programmable

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If you are a hacker or a programmer then you must try this new keyboard. This new keyboard provides you with the wide variety of ergonomics options. The Hungarian startup Ultimate Gadget Lab has launched a new Ultimate Hacking Keyboard. You can easily split this new keyboard into two pieces. This is new mechanical keyboard is completely programmed and you can completely remap the keys as per your convenience. This new keyboard even has the mouse support which also lets you control similarly as the smartphones. This new keyboard is launching today and priced at around $200.

As per Laszlo Monda, who is the founder and head developer of Ultimate Hacking Keyboard project, he and his team have focused more over the split behavior of the keyboard. This new keyboard is different when compared to the weight of other mechanical keyboards. This keyboard is portable enough that one can easily carry it in the handbag. The keyboards keys are really awesome and light when typing. As per Mr. Monda, These keys are reliable enough to handle 50 million keystrokes. You can easily switch between the options of the keyboard when it is completely launched in the market.

The Ultimate Hacking Keyboard works in the same way as it does in splitting mode. After connecting the two parts, the keyboard gives the same level of quality as it does when they are apart.

As per Mr. Monda, he didn’t spend much time using this keyboard but, he says that the users can create the layout as per the requirements of the tools and applications. The main motive of this new keyboard is to make the user more productive. This doesn’t mean that this keyboard make the gamers more productive, it is only made for programmers and hackers. The alternate keys may work as speed breakers for the gamers.

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