Tinder update to Introduce Transgender to its Search

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tinder update

Tinder the famous online dating platform is in the news again and this time, the news is delightful for transgender people. In a recent conference, Tinder CEO Sean Rad said that the community is evolving and that the company is working on to develop a better user interface for all of the people around the world i.e. a new Tinder update is around the corner.

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Up until now there wasn’t any specific option to choose gender other than male and female but this is going to change with the new update. The CEO also said that people were having certain doubts and problems while using the current app as there were complications because of the transgender system not available.

Transgender people had to choose between the two present options and it wasn’t creating a good experience for them as well as the other genders. People were matched up with profiles without interests and because of the unclear gender there were matchups that turned out to be a bad experience for both sides.

Though Rad didn’t say anything about how the match-making process will take place after this new addition but there surely will be the certain change in the algorithm of the app. Also in the existing platform transgenders have faced abuses and irrational talks. The new tinder update will help put gender discrimination aside and people can be more open about who they really are more freely. Along with this, the new update will come with some more improvements in matchmaking and we might even see a new look to tinder app.

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