Tesla Model 3 pre orders boomed up to 325,000 in a Week

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tesla model 3 pre order

There is still one week left in the opening of order of model 3 tesla. As per tesla Motors they have already received more than 325,000 pre orders which was way more than the production ever done by tesla motors. Interestingly, more than 5% of people placed an order of 2 model 3 cars which is the maximum limit kept by tesla motors. The deposit that was made is $1000. As we all know tesla motors is the only manufacturer that is making such high tech cars.

Musk quickly came to the point that if every customer who booked their car with $1000 pays the average retail price of $42,000 per car. The company will earn around $14 billion and this amount is after ignoring the loans and potential revenue. Tesla is successful in bringing around $325 million of pre orders which is really very impressive.

Of course, Tesla motors are years ahead in the field of technology and cars production and so money they will earn are really worth. But the company is still need of funds in order to meet the production and complete the work within the deadline. This seems to be the most challenging part. As per Tesla Motors, getting pre orders is a really easy task but completing them will be tough especially for the company that has manufactured a total of 200,000 cars in total till date.

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