Sony Xperia Z5 Best Accessories that will Improve its Productivity

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Many have spent hundreds on Sony Xperia Z5. So we think it’s good to spend a bit more in order to enjoy this new Android Phone completely. We found many new accessories that you can use along with your Xperia Z5. These new accessories include gaming, music, and other types of accessories.

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Game control Mount (GCM-10)

Xperia Z5 is well-equipped with high-quality devices and with high-performing configuration. One of the best accessories for this new Smartphone is Game Control Mount. This accessory is best for game lovers. You just have to connect it and then you can enjoy the games as if you are playing in a PS4. In short this accessory lets you transform the Xperia Z5 to a play station. The cost of this accessory is $29.99.

Google ChromeCast

As we know, Google already launched its second-gen ChromCast. This new Chromecast supports 5GHz Wi-Fi and it works like a router as well. Those days are gone that when USB like dongle is used. The actual work of Chromcast is to stream all the apps which includes games as well. This will cost you $35.

Audio M Plus

If you love music and you like to listen to music on speaker then you must try out this accessory, this gadget will let you switch your Xperia Z5 to a music player which you can plug and play anywhere. This accessory will cost you $272.

Sony SmartWatch

You must have heard already about the smartwatches. Sony smart also do the same thing and quality wise it as nice watch that you can use in your day to day life. This is same as other smartwatch which gives you the facility to see maps, receive calls, read texts etc. The cost of this watch is$168.

So these are the accessories which you can use along with the best android phone sony Xperia Z5.

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