Samsung’s Smart Contact Lenses with in-built Camera

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Smart contact Lenses

We all know that the technology is improving at a high rate day by day. Another new update that we came across is Samsung smart contact lenses that have in built camera. Samsung has recently patented this new high tech lens in South Korea. These contact lenses display projects image into the eyes of the wearer. These lenses are so high tech that it will be controlled by the blinking of eyes.

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How it works?

The embedded antennas in this lens send the content to the Smartphone where we can see it. As per some reports, Samsung has started making these smart contact lenses so that they can provide better reality experience to the users when compared to the Google Glass wearable. These contact lenses allow the AR to be projected to the eyes worn it and so it will be more invisible.

How to Operate?

The blinking command though seems like a difficult job but we have already seen Google glass to take pics with just a wink. We can say the more sensible and feature will be to use the phone’s touchpad in order to move the interface around. Let us inform you that Samsung is not the only one who is interested in making smart contact lenses.

There was news some days back that Google already owned two patents for smart contact lenses that have flexible sensors and electronics that will be able to read out the chemical composition of tears and find out the sugar level of your blood.

Samsung has applied for patents in the year 2014 and by the same year Google received patents for smart contact lenses in U.S.

Samsung has got the patent without any issue because they will be releasing a consumer product. We have seen that companies patent out many products but most of them are never released in the market. But as well all know dream is the first step to start something.

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