Samsung Pay launched in Spain

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samsung pay

Samsung pay which was launched not more than 9 months ago has continued its expansion and Spain is the first European country to have Samsung’s Pay launched. Samsung launched its own payment system to take down Apple pay and the company has managed to expand to a great level in the short period.

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With the successful launch in the US Samsung pay was next taken to South Korea and recently launched in China following Apple’s payment system. Apple has been over a year in U.K now and if Samsung plans to complete it there, it might be a tough job creating a user base there. Never the less Samsung has managed to put a successful launch in Spain and its compatibility with both NFC and Magnetic terminals will certainly prosper the growth.

Though Samsung Pay is now officially available in Europe but it is limited to NFC terminals for now as for the reason why the magnetic terminals aren’t available, there has been no comment whatsoever by the company.

Europe is a big continent and it will certainly take time for the company to get big exposure there. But starting off with Spain is being considered a smart move as the second most spoken language in the US is Spanish and Samsung has already managed to create a good customer base there.

As for future launches, Samsung is trying it’s very best to leave Apple Pay behind and beat the company in its own field, but it will be something we will have to see.

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