iOS 9 Will Support Older iPhones and iPads
The next negation iOS will support the older iPhones and iPads. This upcoming iOS reportedly have the strong focus on removing bugs and improving stability. This rumor was there in the market before, but this time it will be a successful year along with many new and updated features. The most interesting news about this… (0 comment)

Now go Social with QuizUp
QuizUp got a new massive update that adds up a lot of new features to it. It is now a social network as well. This trivia game was introduced in the year 2013 with a huge boom in the market and now it is a social network. This was basically a trivia app which people… (0 comment)

Facebook Messenger App now Allows Free Calls
Facebook on Tuesday announced the good news that the facebook messenger users can now make a free call. Initially, this announcement was announced in April in selected markets but now it is done globally. David Marcus, who is the vice president of facebook messaging product said “we are happy to share that we have launched… (0 comment)

Light Phone is one of the Best Gadgets 2015
Light phone is one of the new things in rumors. This phone basically is an Anti-Smart phone. The battery of this phone last for not less than 20 days and literally speaking, this phone has only one feature that is making calls. This phone is basically an opposite of every phone available in the market.… (0 comment)