New Service of Facebook Arrived in NY
Facebook recently said that they are expanding the payment feature in the new Facebook Messenger app this year in New York and the nearby metro area. This is an awesome feature that provides you the medium to send money to your friends or family members. Just update the app and you will get this feature.… (1 comment)

Operate Your Smart Watch Without Touching
Apple launched its new smart watch more than a month ago, but there are some drawbacks of having a computer strapped onto your wrist. The biggest drawback is that you have to engage your other hand as well in order to operate. Aria is the latest new band that will definitely solve this issue and… (1 comment)

Know More about the Upcoming Android M Here
San Fransisco’s Moscone Center will be hosting the Googles annual developer conference in less than a week and the geeks from all around the world will be gathered so that they can polish their coding skills and check out some latest new technologies. It is needless to say that we will also keep an eye… (0 comment)

BlackBerry Started Cutting the Jobs
The most famous Canadian Smartphone makers has started cutting the jobs worldwide, the company announced this on Friday because it consolidates the hardware, software and applications business. However, company people did not disclose that how many employees will come in this circle. Reportedly, BlackBerry faced a fall of 16.8% in its quarterly revenue in March.… (0 comment)