Google’s Solar Plane Crashed
As per the reports of Bloomberg, NTSB ( National Transportation Safety Board ) was investigating some plane crash and found that those crashes were of Google’s Solar planes. There were 50 planes which were found crashed just after takeoff. This accident happened on 1st May in outskirts of Albuquerque at some private airfield. The plane… (0 comment)

Hurray Android M is Launched
We have heard the news and there were rumors in the market that Google is going to launch Android M soon and finally the day came when Google made its announcement about the release of Android M. there is a bad news as well that this will be available only for developers and will be… (0 comment)

Now Let the Brand Customize Phone for You
For the people who are unaware, Moto maker is the new customization service that is offered by Motorola. Using this service one can get the phone of any desired color, custom memory, custom build material and many other things, you can even customize the case of the phone. As per Motorola, there are thousands of… (0 comment)

New Service of Facebook Arrived in NY
Facebook recently said that they are expanding the payment feature in the new Facebook Messenger app this year in New York and the nearby metro area. This is an awesome feature that provides you the medium to send money to your friends or family members. Just update the app and you will get this feature.… (1 comment)