Light Phone is one of the Best Gadgets 2015
Light phone is one of the new things in rumors. This phone basically is an Anti-Smart phone. The battery of this phone last for not less than 20 days and literally speaking, this phone has only one feature that is making calls. This phone is basically an opposite of every phone available in the market.… (0 comment)

Partial Win for Apple over Samsung
The Appeal court of US fined Samsung for copying the patented design of Apple related to iPhone. The court ordered the lower court to reduce the amount of fine Samsung has to pay to Apple. Previously court charged Samsung a fine of $930 million, but this amount is reduced to around $548 million after Samsung… (4 comments)

LG G4 is Ready for Sale
The most awaited and the best gadgets 2015 LG G4 is ready to be sold in the market. LG has made official announcements on this but didn’t reveal the. This is available in huge 5.5 screen size. This phone is already on sale in Korea and will reach Hong Kong before Turkey, Singapore, and Russia.… (0 comment)

Best iPhone Apps to Create Disposable Numbers
“Shuffle” is one of the best iPhone apps. Using this app you can create disposable phone Numbers and Email ID’s. You can even use these numbers and emails for voice calling and sending and receiving emails. This app is a competitor of the most favorite “burner”. In fact is more powerful than buffer because it… (3 comments)