Soon We will Experience Games as Real World
If you think this is developer kit, then let us inform you that you are wrong. This is a new Rift Consumer Virtual Reality Headset developed by Oculus. This new device is developed to perform with Xbox One. This device comes with a camera that is installed at the table top, this camera use to… (4 comments)

New Xbox One with 1 TB Space Launched
Without any waiting and “coming soon” tag, Microsoft released the new version of Xbox One. The new thing that is included is the matte black paint and huge space of 1TB. This new Xbox One allows us to plug in the external USB 3.0 HDD for extended memory support with high speed. Availability This new… (4 comments)

Bottle that Glow up when your Body needs a sip
HidrateMe is an app that works when connected with the bottle it comes up with. This whole system monitors the level of water in your body with the help of a sensor.So whenever your body needs water, the bottle will glow. The system is working exceptionally well. This bottle is connected to an app installed… (2 comments)

New Way of Shopping from Pinterest
Pinterest is a very famous name in the world of internet.  Pinterest recently unveiled the new way of shopping. There are some very rich pins available over the pinterest website, for example the recipe of anything or the ingredients. So now pinterest will start showing purchase button to the user along with pins. Users will… (0 comment)