Now Enjoy Olympics in Virtual Reality

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Every day the feed we receive from the rest of the world becomes more and more refined and is brought to us in higher definition. From radios to black and white TVs to colored TVs and now finally HD television, where everything is as clear as crystal, we have come a long way. But this time, we’ve gone a step further. Now, we’ll be able to view a few of Rio 2016 Olympics in Virtual Reality.

olympics vr

Just as exciting it sounds, the experience of it guarantees to be. To be precise, NBC says it will broadcast about 85 hours of Rio Olympics in VR. Some of the events to be broadcasted include the opening and closing ceremonies, games like men’s basketball beach volleyball and boxing. Track and field events, gymnastics, boxing and fencing events will also be broadcasted.

It can all be viewed on Samsung Gear VR headset through the NBC sports application. But having a smart phone is not the only thing you need to view the events. You also must have a paid TV subscription.

This Virtual Reality screening will be available from 6th August to 22nd August, which one day post the opening and close ceremonies respectively.

This broadcast can turn out to be a huge success since events like Olympics, i.e. action packed competitive event, are already considered ideal to be shot in VR. It’ll be the first time, for Olympics to be shot this way, since VR glasses have become a thing. We’re just as excited, and waiting on for what next is in store for us.

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