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New Service of Facebook Arrived in NY

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Facebook recently said that they are expanding the payment feature in the new Facebook Messenger app this year in New York and the nearby metro area. This is an awesome feature that provides you the medium to send money to your friends or family members. Just update the app and you will get this feature. This is available for both Android and iOS and the desktop as well. Previously this was made available only in some cities of U.S that includes Seattle, Austin and Portland.

As per facebook, this app will come with bundles of other features that will make the payment system easier than before. In the announcement made in March, facebook disclosed their intention to come in the market of payment business, that could share the traffic and profit of the payment gurus like PayPal and Venmo. As per facebook, this payment system will be much easier than others. In this app you just have to link up your credit or debit card and after tapping on the dollar sign and it will ask for the amount, you have to enter it and after enter some credentials you can send money directly to your friend.

This payment system will work in group conversation as well. Currently, this system allows payments to individuals only so we can expect another expansion in service that will allow us to pay the companies and businesses.

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