Minecraft will come to Samsung Gear VR by this Spring Season

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samsung gear vr minecraft

The whole new Samsung gear VR is going to have its killer VR app. In the Game Developer Conference (GDC) Microsoft revealed that they are going to launch their most famous game “Minecraft” for this VR headset. As we know, the time for such a launch is perfect. The oculus rift version of Minecraft is said to be launched by this spring season. The main difference in both will be the price. When it comes to Samsung Gear VR it cost around $90 but when it comes to oculus rift it is around $599.

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After the release of Minecraft in the year 2009 it has become a global brand now. This game has got a lot of people addicted to it and the people from all ages love to enjoy this game. If you never tried Minecraft then let us let you that this game is a Lego bricks but it feels as if you are playing in a video game.

The developers have really added some features that are untold in words. In the year 2014, Microsoft purchased Minecraft as well as the company Mojang in around $2.5 billion. Soon after that Microsoft started showing great interest towards this game and they have also started taking interest onto other platforms. This game reached Nintendo Wii U in the last December and this game also joined Xbox, PS4, and PC along with Mobile versions for iOS and Android. Along with Samsung Gear VR, Microsoft is planning to launch Minecraft for it HoloLens which is yet another technology for virtual reality. We came to know that a guy who tried Minecraft in the year 2013 in E3 last year and he said that this new system is so damn cool despite it’s just the early build.

In the year 2013, Microsoft bring out the players who played Minecraft for 1 Billion hours on Xbox 360 which has just 2D screen so you can just imagine the number of hours people are going to spend on VR. We can also expect the people to think of living in it.

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