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These Microsoft Word features Will Take you to the Next Level

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Microsoft Word Features

There are many among us who use Microsoft Word. Some use it for Writing papers, some for drafting memos some for word art and many freelancers for content writing. A huge number of Microsoft word features are already available but still many of us are still unaware of some features that will help us in improving the productivity.

Let’s see what all features are there that will take us to the next level

  1. You can change selection preferences

Before you start typing anything just confirms one thing with you where you have to select the entire words when you make some clicks and drag the sections. By default this feature is Active and so it can be a bit annoying when you want to select and change the portion of just a single word instead of everything.

You can change this setting by going inside the Preferences menu, then go to edit section and just uncheck the box given next to “Select entire word when selecting text”.

  1. Customize or turn off Autocorrect

Though we understand that the “Autocorrect” feature of Microsoft word is really awesome and it polishes out the written thing. But when you have something to write with weird spelling, it becomes really very annoying to change the spelling again and again and system automatically corrects it. You can easily disable or customize this to get the best out of it.

  1. Know how well you can write

Most of the people already know how to write grammar and error free work but Microsoft word also have a feature that it can score the complexity of the write up. Before you go for a spell and grammar check, just make sure the boxes have a tick mark on “show readability statistics”.

  1. Making Changes and Edits

Microsoft word have the option to give feedbacks so that you can write well polished write ups. This is basically a digital check tool that will point outs the mistakes and let you know the correct word. You can use this tool in order to track down the changes that have been made and who has made it.

  1. Leaving comments

Sometime there comes the sentences that have to be rewritten or need to have modified by some other way and these changes can’t be done by some or other software. You can use comments tool in order to highlight the sentence and you can easily comment and let the editor know what correction has to be made.

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