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Microsoft adds Outlook to it’s Hololens Technology

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Microsoft Hololens

The concept of hololens is enough unifying and unique as well. Everyone has seen what this thing can do. Augmented reality is about to hit the world with some serious means and to be honest, and we are scared that Skynet might hit anytime soon. Regardless Microsoft’s AR concept the hololens has a new addition to it and that it Outlook.

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People always talk about developing new things and adding functions from the basics and that’s what Microsoft seems to have done with this. Microsoft has added Outlook’s email and calendar handling to the hololens to make your life much easier.

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As about the concept, it says that you can pin the daily calendar and your email inbox on a wall or a window or just at anything in your room and set a precise location to turn it on when you look at it. Microsoft Hololens has been a topic of gossips ever since it was first announced and till now Microsoft is putting it is very best to impress people with its timely updates.

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The company has successfully managed to badge many big AR app developers, and the company started delivery of the hololens to the companies in March itself. Besides the calendar and email being available to you at a corner of your room you can quickly read it over as the size will be “too big to grasp all in one glance”. Microsoft Hololens technology is a concept that the world is admiring, but It still has a long way to go and the longer it’s on hold, the higher it will sell.

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  • Great! This is another step to virtual reality experience and advancement to technology. Thank you for sharing the article.

  • very well written article , i usually follow your article, another grt article

  • With the invent of virtual reality gears, this is another big leap by Microsoft. Thanks for sharing this article. We hope see the device in our local markets soon.


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