Logitech G502 Review

If youíre into gaming, whether itís an FPS game like CSGO or PUBG or a†MMORPG like WOW, youíll know that a mouse is an essential part of the gaming experience. The G502 is one of Logitechís best gaming mice, with their best sensor and technology. Aside from the wireless G900, the G502 is one of the best mice that Logitech sells today. Today weíll be having a look at the G502, and how it stacks up to the competition.


Logitech has recently revamped their entire lineup to look more futuristic, and the G502 is the result of that. Featuring a sleek matte black and blue color pallet, complete with blue or RGB lighting, the G502 looks futuristic and premium. Unfortunately, itís not an ambidextrous mouse, with support only for the right hand, but it means that itís incredibly ergonomic for right-handers. It provides good support while being extremely light, but the mouse is a bit big, especially if you have small hands. Other than its large size, itís very comfortable to use and looks great as well.

Logitech Gaming mouse


The G502 has 11 buttons, 9 of which are fully programmable. However, this includes the scroll wheel down, left, and right buttons. Bar those, you have 6 fully programmable buttons which are viable for gaming. Theyíre placed on the left and top of the mouse. One of those buttons, the one on the top of the mouse, is best used as a DPI shift button, as itís difficult to use in the game – you need to use your second finger and place it right at the top of the mouse. As for in-game use, only 5 of the buttons are viable for use on the G502, which are activated by your second finger and thumb. Theyíre extremely well placed, and give great feedback once pressed. The only problem is the placement of the outermost thumb button. Since the mouse is rather large, it can be difficult to reach the outermost thumb button, and if you rely on your thumb to grip the mouse, itís difficult to use it while aiming at the same time.


Bundled with the G502 is the ability to use Logitechís fantastic Logitech Gaming Software. With this software, youíre able to assign different buttons to each button of the G502, with support for a G-shift function, which adds further binding opportunities for each button. You can choose between a computer stored binding and a mouse-stored binding. The difference is that the mouse-stored binding will persist between computers, whereas the computer stored binding will not. However, the computer stored binding means that Logitech Gaming software is able to perform even more tricks than possible with just the mouse. For example, you can set a button to repeatedly click the mouse button, for full auto shooting capabilities in an FPS with a gun which is semi-automatic. Itís borderline cheating, but itís up to you whether you want to do it or not. You can also perform other complicated macros, which you can edit to reduce delay or add more instructions.


The sensor in the Logitech G502 is one of Logitechís best sensors – the PMW 3366. Itís the same sensor thatís featured in the Logitech G900, a $150 mouse. Itís an extremely good sensor, which can track on almost any surface. Paired with a Logitech G240 mousepad, itís one of the best mouse sensors out there, with the capability to change the DPI from 200 all the way to a whopping 12,000. As is standard for a gaming mouse, it has a 1ms delay and a 1000hz polling rate, which can be turned down to 125hz if needed.

Extra Features

The Logitech G502 features Logitechís hyper scroll technology, which means that with the click of a mechanical button, the G502 is able to change to completely free scrolling, so you can scroll extremely quickly on long pdf documents or web pages. This isnít so useful for gamers, but itís useful for productivity users.


The Logitech G502 is one of Logitechís best mice. While its wireless counterpart, the G900, retails for around $150, the wired G502 is on special at Best Buy for just $39.99, which is an absolute steal. There is a small caveat – itís the older G502 Proteus Core as opposed to the G502 Proteus Spectrum, which doesnít have RGB lighting, but at a $40 discount, itís a negligible difference.

Wrap Up

Logitech has created a truly awesome gaming mouse. With so many buttons and features, and tight software integration, the Logitech G502 is a great mouse for gamers and productivity users alike. Though itís primarily marketed towards gamers, itís capability to record and playback complicated macros means that itís an extremely good mouse for productivity users. Overall, itís one of the best mice on the market today, and itís available for just $39.99 at Best Buy.

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