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iPhone Tricks you Must Know

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We have covered many iPhone features after its launch. As we all know iOS 9 have been used in both iPhones and iPad. Apple really worked well this time and has introduced many new and unique feature of iOS 9.

There are many new features to which many are unaware. Some of them are here

Credit card info autofill

Entering your debit or credit card details can be lengthy and time-consuming but, with iOS you just have to save the details to AutoFill and then iPhone will automatically fill it when you reach the debit card credentials page. Just follow the following steps Settings > Safari > AutoFill > Saved Credit Cards > Add Credit Card.

Finding a word on web page

Well you can’t say this as a feature because it’s basically a trick. On your iOS you have been provided with safari browser. In order to find something just tap on the URL space and start typing the word or phrase you want to find, you will see Google search phrases but move a little down and you will see “On This Page”. That’s it, just select it.

Auto alert for important Email replies

We understand that you do your office work through emails and so emails play a very important role. But most of the time there are some emails that disturb you when you are out of your office and doing other important work. So to get rid of this problem you can simply follow the steps and get notifications only from important replies.

Go to your mail app and left swipe the email whose reply is important for you, now tap on ellipses and now select Notify Me, confirm the selection again. That’s it.

Delete messages automatically in 30 days and save storage

There are a lot of SMS which come to our phone on daily basis, but in the busy schedule we ignore them and they get stored in our phone. In iOS, you are provided with a setting that will automatically delete SMS in every 30 days. You can activate this feature by following these steps. Go to Settings > Messages > Keep Messages and now you can choose the frequency to delete the messages.

Timer in Camera App

Apple has added many new features to its camera app in many years and that’s the reason why they have the best camera app. There is a feature known as timer, that takes pic after some seconds. You can easily set the timer without juggling through the menu and all. Just open the camera app and you will see a clock icon at the top, just tap that clock and you will see the set timings, just choose the one you want and the countdown begins.

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