How iPhone 7 will look like?

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Apple is the biggest manufacturer of iPhones, laptops and other gadgets. It has launched numbers of gadgets and maximum people moves towards Apple these days. After having so many successful years and success of iPhone 6s now iPhone 7 is launching soon. As the rumor is leaked out about iPhone 7 that it’s body will have little change in appearance. It will look little awful in front of iPhone 6s. you can see the image how iPhone 7 will look alike.

iPhone 7 design

As you can see the image it seems like iPhone 7 will have pebble like self design in back at rounded edges. The body will made of aluminum as same like before. You can also see in the image that the Apple logo is little shiny and have a little in change in color. In iPhone 7 antennas will be redesigned. And the iPhone 7 will be sleeker than iPhone 6s and rest. Apart from this change iPhone 7 will be lighter in weight rather than early. As you can also see in the image that iPhone 7 will have biiger protruding lens. It means iPhone 7 will have update in camera feature. But if the lens would be wider then it will have low light performance.

It is in rumor that iPhone 7 Plus will have updated camera with dual lens camera system. According to the rumor iPhone 7 will not have headphone jack. iPhone 7 is launching soon so get and grab it to improve your class and tech.

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