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Common iPhone 6s problems and Steps to Fix them

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Apple launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus recently. The phone is really awesome and we really appreciate the effort of Apple’s Engineers. They really worked well and meet the perfection. But on the other hand we know that noting is perfect in this world and so there are some flaws in iPhone as well.

We did many researches on the devices and pulled out some serious problems related to it. We discussed some problems here and so we are sharing the solutions to fix them.

  1. Battery:- Though company has provided the best in class battery, but still many people felt that the performance of their iPhone’s battery is not good and that makes them frustrating. Let us inform you that 90% of the battery drains out because of one or more third party app installed and running on your phone. To fix this just follow these steps go to General > Background App Refresh. Now scroll and go to app and set it to OFF.
  2. Random Shutdown Problems:- We have got many emails complaining and asking for help to fix this problem. But un-fortunately this problem doesn’t have a fix. This like resetting the phone doesn’t seem to fix this problem and so the best thing you can do is to backup all your data and wipe the phone. If wipe or restore doesn’t work then you can reset your phone, this may help out.
  3. 3D Touch:- This feature will make you happy and sad. It will make you happy because if you are facing this problem, then you are not alone and many people are facing issues with this. The sad news is that this problem cannot be fixed and so you will have to swap your phone because this problem is mostly related to hardware. Before swapping your phone, just follow this method, it may fix it. Go to General > Accessibility > 3D Touch and check that the Toggle is ON.
  4. Over Heating:- Many people complained about this and this problem is sometimes easy to fix. Just go to Settings > Battery and check for the background app that is working like crazy. This problem is rare but still has a look. Just check for the apps which you are not using and remove them. Resetting the phone may also fix this issue
  5. Heating home button:- This problem is bizarre. The Touch ID is installed under the home button and so sometimes it becomes so hot that no on can even touch it. Wiping your phone may fix this issue.

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