Facebook simplifies your chat bots with new buttons

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Facebook is the biggest social media website which is used worldwide. By facebook you can connect with millions of audiences around the world and chat, share photos and anything which you want. Now facebook chat messenger is updated since twelve weeks ago. Developers develop a new feature on facebook chat messenger i.e. quick reply. This quick reply button make your chat easy as you can share photos, videos, GIF files, audio or any quickly.

facebook chatbots

Try it using, if you like or don’t like feature and love to upgrade it more then you can use its rating feature. Now people can rate this new feature which helps developer to upgrade the bots. With the help of public rating developer will know where they are lacking and where to improve the bot.

Whenever users rate this bots the developer will connect them via messenger and directly communicate with them to know where they are lacking and how to improve the feature. Now 11,000 bots are developed for messenger. If it will work then new bots will develop for messenger. Earlier people ge frustrated and back up from facebook messenger. So to see this facebook decided to simplify the messenger by developing bots fro messenger and quick reply feature is done. Now it has been seen maximum people are using facebook messenger.

To connect with worldwide audience and share files and photos new simplifies messenger in on now for you. go and get connected with it.


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