Check Out Best Gadgets of 2016 that You Must Have

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Apart from smartphones, tablets, desktops and laptops, there are some gadgets available which are out of the league. These gadgets work with your primary devices, for purposes of entertainment, connectivity and many more. These small gadgets can be a part of your life and can make the things much simpler when gets used. Here we present you the top gadgets of 2016.

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-device Keyboard K480

Best gadgets of 2016

A wireless keyboard, which can be connected with almost 3 devices, regardless of the computing platform. Now you can work with your computer, tablet and Smartphone, simultaneously. The main purpose of this best gadgets of 2016 is to enhance the typing capacity.

This device will cost you about $40

Wowee One-slim

Best Gadgets of 2016

This is a portable speaker unit. If you plan to go to a picnic, or a night stay at a friend’s house, or going for a road trip, then you can use this, both a portable and permanent solution for your needs of the quality music. This works on a very range and is only supported by an iPod.

The price of this device is around $80

Photo iPad Scanning Dock 

Best Gadgets of 2016

Now, this is another device which works only with iPad . This device is both a charging dock as well as a scanner, which scans the hard copy of your photos and documents and saves them to your iPad directly, in high resolution. It also works as a stand for the iPad (in upright position). It can charge your iPad faster.

The cost of the scanning dock is around $169


best gadgets of 2016

It is a wearable technology for the treatment of nausea and motion sickness. You can wear it like a wrist watch. This device is very convenient and one can adjust it according to once need. It works in minutes without any side effects.

The cost of reliefband is around $85

Livescribe Echo Smartpen

best gadgets of 2016

Now this is a very innovating device. Sometimes, it happens that while   taking notes, we eventually miss some words which can make our notes misleading. This best gadgets of 2016 can help you, as it works as a voice recorder. You can play back the audio later and can correct your mistake.

The cost of this smartpen is around $22

Syren Pro

best gadgets of 2016

This is a wireless stereo system, weather resistance which can be use for picnics, parties, camping. It is compatible with some particular devices like iPhone and Samsung galaxy smartphone and tablets. All these systems make this the best gadgets of 2016.

The cost of this device is around $100

iFusion for iPhone

best gadgets of 2016

This is the first integrated docking station for iPhone. This best gadgets of 2016 helps in  combining the capabilities of different accessories of iPhone into one. Features include hands free speakers with high quality and amazing voice-clarity.

The cost of this device is around $30.

Misfit Ray

best gadgets of 2016

Misfit ray is a fitness and sleep monitor. It has unmatched power performance. It can work for 6 months without charging. It tracks the duration and quality of the sleep, activities like cycling and yoga, record the calories burnt, also get alerts for calls, texts and alarms.

The cost of this device is around $69

So this is a list of some best gadgets of 2016, you can try and see for yourself.

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