Mars Posses Water – Scientists Confirmed
Mars is one of the most favorite planets for scientists. They did many research and studies in order to explore it properly and check out the possibilities of life for the coming generation. We have got news from scientists saying that there is availability of water on mars. This news is disclosed by US space… (0 comment)

Robot Electronic Flies to Monitor Surrounds
Robot electronic flying drone is designed to navigate through flying around the area. It is inspired from the vision systems of the insects which protect them from collision with the objects and detect their path. Various researches are going on such robot tiny flying drones and decided to be used mostly for surveillance. If these… (0 comment)

No Electricity Lamp that Glow Up with Just Salt Water
No Electricity lamp will bring revolution in future. A team of Philippines students worked out to invent a lighting solution for the country. Around 7,000 people on the island are lacking from electricity. This new invention requires salt as its fuel to provide lighting. The product is basically a lamp which needs a glass of… (1 comment)