5 Tips for Using LinkedIn to Build Your  Career
If you’re not yet on LinkedIn, you should be. Five years ago, the career networking website was a helpful option for anyone attempting to find work or develop a professional network. Now it is no longer optional – it’s compulsory. The website’s membership has grown by leaps and bounds in America and around the world.… (0 comment)

Facebook simplifies your chat bots with new buttons
Facebook is the biggest social media website which is used worldwide. By Facebook, you can connect with millions of audiences around the world and chat, share photos and anything which you want. Now Facebook chat messenger is updated since twelve weeks ago. Developers develop a new feature on Facebook chat messenger i.e. quick reply. This… (0 comment)

Now Enjoy Olympics in Virtual Reality
Every day the feed we receive from the rest of the world becomes more and more refined and is brought to us in higher definition. From radios to black and white TVs to colored TVs and now finally HD television, where everything is as clear as crystal, we have come a long way. But this… (0 comment)

5 Companies that wanted to buy LinkedIn
It’s amazing how start-ups begin from nothing at all and then turn into these giant companies, that the other super companies purchase them for billions of dollars. That’s right, we’re right now talking about something that has been all over our news feed, Microsoft buying LinkedIn. Read More: iTube Apk Download For Andriod Which Are… (0 comment)

If you’re not so familiar with it, we’ll start out by letting you know what Tidal is. Tidal is a High Fidelity Music Streaming application that, as the name suggests, helps you listen and view high definition music videos and songs. Tidal is owned by the very famous musician Jay Z. Apparently, Apple is in… (0 comment)