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Best Free Apps for Android Tablet and Mobile 

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Check out these best apps for android tablet and android mobile, If you are the owner of Android tablet then you must be looking for the best app for android tablet. Whether it’s a Nexus 9, Galaxy Note Pro or Nvidia Shield, you will love to have some best apps for android tablet. Here we have prepared a list of apps that you can use in your android tablet.

Best Browsing Apps for Android Tablet

Many of us are there who use tablet in order to increase its productivity and this is the reason why everyone uses lots and lots of apps for android tablet. Here you will see the apps that are best for surfing the internet.


apps for android tablet

The best browsing app for android tablet is chrome and the reason is that it is stable and the most important thing is that it is the product of Google and so we can trust it.


apps for android tablet

The next browser that we consider the best is Opera, as its good and has been performing well since a long time.

You can consider using these apps for android mobile as well. The built in platform for both android tablets and android mobiles is same and so you can use apps alternatively.

Best exploring the world apps for android tablet

If you love watching the earth from the universe then you don’t have to go to any space station, you can use the following apps in order to explore the world. Since the resolution of screen in android tablets is higher and so you can have great quality viewing experience, though you can use these apps for android mobile. you can try the following apps

Google Earth

apps for android tablet


android mobile apps

Google Maps

apps for android tablet

Best Travel apps for android tablet

Tablets are considers as the best gadgets for travelers and hence most of the travelers always in search of best apps for android tablet. These gadgets are lighter, faster and way much less expensive than a laptop. The biggest bonus with android tablet is that you can easily book tickets and another benefit with this gadget is that you can sit and watch movies and your favorite football soccer with full clarity as your TV live. You just need to have some apps that will help you watching these. One can use these apps for android mobile as well but you may face a bit of problem with the resolution and clarity.

Skyscanner is the app that you can use in order to book flights in between two places.

Triposo is the app that will help you get information about the city.

Trip Advisor is the app that you can use before starting the trip.

Best movie app for android tablet

Watching movies is the best thing when you are not at home and feeling bored. This thing will also help you in passing the boring flights, train trip and lazy Sundays. You just need a top notch movie player that will work as your companion.

  1. MX player is the best movie player that you can consider
  2. VLC is also the best and all round player
Best Photo app for android tablet

Whether you are in a trip or you are at home, you always need a good quality camera that will give you the pictures of your choice. If you the person who spend a lot of time watching photos and selfies then you need to have the best app for android tablet. One can use these apps for android mobile as well but you need to have good quality camera for that.

  1. Camera Zoom FX is the app that will give you the pictures with the same quality and feel as a professional photographer.
  2. Camera360 Ultimate is a highly popular app that one can use. This app is capable of almost everything.

Best Game app for android

Playing Games on android tablet is a lot of fun and so if you are looking for best game app for android tablet then you have reached the right place. The tablets have bigger screens and so you will obviously enjoy playing games a lot. These game app for android will make your day and will make you feel refreshing always with the new level of difficulty.

Anomaly is a game with great story and you will enjoy it a lot on larger screens.

Badland is another game that is well designed. It is also considered as the addictive game

The Bards Tale is a RPG game with a long story. Instead of playing this game on smartphone, you must try it over tablet

Clash of Clans is again the most famous and most interesting strategy game that you can play and enjoy your day.

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