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If you’re not so familiar about it, we’ll start out by letting you know what Tidal is. Tidal is a High Fidelity Music Streaming application that, as the name suggests, helps you listen and view high definition music videos and songs. Tidal is owned by the very popular musician Jay Z.

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Apparently Apple is in negotiations with Tidal for an amount unknown yet, according to a newspaper’s report.  While in the past Apple has been in really bad terms with Tidal and owner Jay Z, this move, if true, seems really an out of the world act by Apple.

But despite everything being said and being done, here’s why we think it could work for Apple and the two companies can develop a cordial relation.

If the deal is cracked, Apple might be on its way to become the sole application that has new music from the biggest artists, just on their release day.  Because Apple music and Tidal will then become one, this might just work out. Tidal artists like Beyonce, Kanye West, Madonna, ll will, have their album released on Apple Music first.

Secondly, it is quite guaranteed because of the artist friendly nature of Apple, if it acquires Tidal, it would mean all the artist owning it will be paid generously.

Thirdly, this will all lead to putting Spotify in a darker and a left out picture. This will help Apple towards its monopoly dream and kick out its only competitor.

But a whole lot many things can go wrong and this deal may not happen at all. Whatever it may be, we wish all the best to Apple and Jay Z.


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